19 Apr 2012

Army Theme Birthday Tower

Loved making this order!
...for a 3 time returning customer (which is always good!)
This is the second birthday cake I have made for this
particular little boy,
the last cake was a jungle theme....something tells me he likes green! lol!

Here are some of the Boots cupcakes,
how cute are these! :o)

These are the mini tanks

and finally the hand grenades!
I did make little rifles too but forgot to photograph them separately!
Everything on this cake and cupcakes are all edible and handmade
including the large tank topper!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog


Cake Fixation said...

Awesome! The topper is amazing!

cornwall wedding photographer said...

All the cake I've photographed have been pretty boring. Would like to turn up to a wedding and see something like this :-)