27 Sep 2008

Cupcake Wrappers

Butterflies & Stripes Flowers & Swirls Hearts An Assortment
This is an assortment of cupcake wrappers handmade by me.
I love the American laser cut ones and now we are able to purchase them over here in the UK,
but they are so expensive.
This is a cheaper alternative, although quite time consuming,
I think they are pretty charming.
Will definitely be making some more,
a good excuse to buy some more of that gorgeous card.

26 Sep 2008

Decorated Butterfly Cookies

My first fondant covered Cookies. I got the idea for the butterflies from http://www.cakejournal.com/
I enjoyed making these, and my son enjoyed eating them.......but NOT the pink ones, they're for girls! hahaha!!!!
I opted for a cookie that wasn't too sweet in taste, as it has quite a bit of fondant on it!
All in all, I am pretty happy with the outcome of these!
Definitely will be doing more cookies in the future!

23 Sep 2008

Shabby Chic Cupcakes

Peach Toned Cupcakes.
The top tier cupcakes have buttercream, covered with a circle of fondant
and decorated with a single peach rose.
The bottom tier has peach toned buttercream swirls,
decorated with a rose and little flowers in peach & cream.
Ideal for afternoon tea!

Pink Floral & Butterfly Birthday Cake

A Vanilla sponge filled and crumb coated in buttercream, then covered in pink fondant, placed on a fondant covered board.
The cake is then decorated in handmade flowers and butterflies.

16 Sep 2008

Sacher Torte

A Sacher Torte Dessert Cake, so rich and chocolatey it tastes devine. Lovely by it's self or served with Creme Fraiche or Cream.
I actually made this one for my Huband and me, as it was our Wedding Anniversary and we both love it so much. The Chocolate Glaze over top is so thick and gorgeous.
I have decorated this with pastel coloured fondant flowers, scrolls, butterfly and dragees.
If you like chocolate you'll love this!

1 Sep 2008

3D Tooth Cake

This cake stood about 8 1/2 inches high and was 6 1/2 inches across.
It is all cake from top to bottom, which is a vanilla sponge with buttercream filling and covered with white fondant sprayed with a Pearl Lustre to give it a beautiful sheen!
This was the most stressful cake I have made to date! but I am happy with the result.