26 Dec 2010

Christmas Reindeer Cake

This is our families very Rich & Boozy Christmas Fruit Cake.
I left this very late to make
(as always)
but was advised by a flickr/facebook friend
to feed it with a very generous amount of brandy
while it is hot and just out of the oven......
and boy was this cake moist,
I would advise anyone to do the same
if time wasn't on their side.
I then fed the cake with brandy every morning
until it was time to marzipan it.
This deep 7" cake is covered with sugar paste
and decorated with hand cut sugar reindeer's
which are covered with edible silver glitter
and some various sized silver sugar ball scattered here and there!
The ribbons are sheer blue and green
in different widths.
"Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!"

20 Dec 2010


This is just part of a Wedding order for two lovely clients,
Leigh & Josephine.
A very appropriate theme for the current weather I think!
The order was for a 3 tier (stacked) cake
and matching cupcakes,
but as this was to be collected and taken all the way up to Leeds
I sent the cake as three separate tiers
so it could be put together and set up at the venue
by the very helpful head chef and caterers.
Unfortunately I haven't got any photos of
the set-up as yet, but hopefully have some soon.
The above photos show the top tier of the cake
which is covered in white fondant,
with some embossing on the front side,
which is highlighted with painted white/pearl lustre,
various sized sugar snowflakes (covered with magic sparkles)
and royal icing piped dots.
The cupcakes have half covered with embossing and highlighted
and the other half, plain with the snowflakes.
flavours of cakes were:
Top tier: Chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache
Middle tier: Chocolate/orange sponge with choc/orange ganache
Bottom tier: Zesty lemon sponge with lemon buttercream
Cupcakes: Chocolate sponge with chocolate/orange ganache.

4 Dec 2010


Fairy Peppa Pig (3D) Cake
Peppa was made for the little girl Suzy who lives nextdoor to me
.......she is absolutely obsessed with Peppa Pig
and her mum wanted me to make her
a 3D cake for her 2nd Birthday.
The cake is vanilla sponge with buttercream,
the wand is a lollipop cookie with her age on
..........and with fairy dust (magic sparkles) everywhere.
Cake board is a 12 inch round.
The bottom picture is of some lollipop cookies made to
co-ordinate with the wand.
Everybody loved this as did Suzy