24 Aug 2010

"Anna" Wedding Cake

"Anna" Wedding Cake

2 Tier Wedding cake in Ivory
 with same colour sugar paste trim and ivory ribbon,
decorated with a single Anemone sugar flower.

I am loving this simplicity range
I'm doing at the moment
and will be making another 3 tiered one for
the weekend although a lot more work
is involved on one of the tiers!

Thanks for looking!

23 Aug 2010

"Michelle" Wedding Cake

"Michelle" 3 Tier Wedding Cake.

A very deep tiered cake,
 simply iced in Ivory sugarpaste with a same colour sugarpaste trim
and decorated with a single large pink sugar flower

(the one I photographed last week)

I love the simplicity of this..........though it was hard not to add swirls and extra blossoms lol!
I guess sometimes less is more!!!

18 Aug 2010

Sugar Bloom

A sugar bloom made out of flower paste
for a cake I'm making for next week.
The sugar flower isn't any particular flower especially,
it's somewhere between a Anemone and a Peony..........
Well, whatever it is, I think this
full bloomed, romantic looking blossom is beautiful
and couldn't wait to place it on a cake,
so I photographed it on it's own...
and love it!

14 Aug 2010

Giant Cupcake Cake

Giant Cupcake Cake for Charlotte's 18th.

An order I received through my Facebook page from someone who is actually local! lol!

The theme was 60's, 70's & 80's and had to be bright coloured, so between discussions we came up with this and when the mother came to collect it, she loved it!

I have got to say this turned out a bit of a pain in the end as last night just after midnight I noticed the cake was starting to fall backwards and slightly crack........(it was so muggy last night so I am blaming the weather, as I took my time over this cake and did it by the book!) I started to panic, so I put two very small cake boards at the back, underneath to wedge it slightly, so then had to build the case part at the bottom back up......thank god I made the case in black fondant as it isn't so noticable. Got up this morning and it was still standing... phewwwww! I told the customer and she was great about it, and I rang her when she got home to see if it travelled OK ... which it did! so I can now relax!

The cake is Chocolate & buttercream.. "supported!!" and covered with sugarpaste.

Cake is 7" at widest and stands about 9" tall on a 10" board.

7 Aug 2010

Vintage Sewing Machine Cake & Co-ordinating Cupcakes

I had an order from a lovely lady requiring a "Vintage, Singer Sewing Machine Cake" with co-ordinating cupcakes for her mother's 70th Birthday, as she used to be a machinist.
All these got picked up yesterday morning (Friday)
and travelled all the way from Gosport to Manchester.
I do hope everything got there in one piece,
although we did make sure everything was secure and flat!
When the daughter picked them up she said she was blown away by it
so I hope her mother feels the same way! :o)
The cupcakes are Vanilla and half were decorated to look like Pin Cushions and the other half had buttons and thimbles ontop.
The cake is also Vanilla sponge with buttercream.
The actual sewing machine isn't cake because of the distance it would have to travel we both agreed that polystyrene (A cake dummy) cut to shape and decorated would be the best option, so it stands on a board which can be cut off from the cake.
I loved making this, though a little time consuming in places but so worth it! I just love the look of this!

6 Aug 2010

Children's Birthday Cakes

These cakes were made last week for Brother & Sister who
shared a Birthday party (yes, again I am late uploading pictures! tut!)

The first cake is a character named Lau-Lau from the TV program
The cake is Chocolate sponge carved then covered in sugarpaste.
The Narabug (butterfly) is sugarpaste and oh so CUTE!!! love it's little face!
The name & age plaques are shortbread cookies also
covered with sugarpaste.
The board has lots of glittery edible sparkles on as the character
loves all things glittery!


The second cake here is a "Ben 10" theme cake.

This cake was Vanilla Sponge shaped like the Ben 10 watch face
covered and decorated in sugarpaste with green lustre balls (bubbles)
and the handmade character "Four Arms" as the topper.
This cake also had cookie name & age plaques
with the name airbrushed to give it the graded colour.


I have since heard that they both loved their cakes,
thats the part I would like to see.... is their faces when the cakes are presented to them!
but very glad they enjoyed them....and enjoyed eating them too!!!