30 Jul 2009

Jewelled Fondant Butterfly

Another Christi Friesen inspired edible creation www.cforiginals.com/
this time as a butterfly in pink & pearl dusts & lustres.
I think I shall try another butterfly shape and tweak it a little
when I get a spare evening........
but I do like the colours!!!

29 Jul 2009

Fondant Dragonfly

This Dragonfly I made out of fondant and I coloured it with green and pearl dusts and lustres.
I have made this to top a cake I will be making for myself, just for fun and ideas.
It measures 4 x 3 1/2 inches
The design is inspired from the fabulous artist Christi Friesen who works with Polymer clay & mixed media www.CForiginals.com

22 Jul 2009

Cheeky Children's Faces Cookies

It's Wills last day at school today
and these are some of the cookies I made for him to give all the children in his class
............sooo time consuming, but they look so cool.
Will insisted I made most of the boys with they're tongue sticking out!!
I got the idea for these from the Planet Cake book,
Naughty Kids Cupcakes......just put them on cookies.......obviously! LOL!!

Thank You Cupcakes

These were made as a "Thank You" gift from my son
to his teachers.
They are vanilla sponge cupcakes covered in rose water buttercream,
with a circle of embossed fondant with a light dusting of lustre
and decorated with handmade fondant daisies and butterflies.

10 Jul 2009

Lifeboat Birthday Cake

A teacher at Will's school asked me if I could make her a cake for her son's 21st Birthday, he is one of the Lifeboat Crew and loves his work! www.gafirs.org.uk/So this is what I came up with. She Loved it!!!The waves were a late addition as I wasn't happy with the look of the base of the boat so hunted around flickr for some inspiration..........that's when I stumbled on a fab Ski Boat Cake by "Springlakecake" and just love how she did her waves and thought they would be perfect, they were quick and very effective!Here is a link to her wonderful creation! www.flickr.com/photos/24367079@N04/2722531956/

9 Jul 2009


So today is my 40th Birthday!!!
and this is the gift my darling hubby gave to me..........I love it soooo much! mind you I did encourage him to buy the "brushed nickel" one lol! yes it's more expensive, but it is my birthday after all! Bring on the eggs, butter, flour, sugar.........................................................

8 Jul 2009


I made this for my son's (Will) Birthday,
he totally loved it as do I, my favourite cake so far!

5 Jul 2009

Sandcastle Cake for School Fayre

YAY!!!.....my first cake since I had the Op on my wrist......seems like it's been forever!
Anyhow, I have made this for Will's "School Fayre", I had intended to make a small one but I got a little carried away,
it's not huge but bigger than I thought it would be!
The fondant driftwood was soooo inspired by "Betty's Sugar Dreams" cake, obviously nowhere near as good as hers and here is a link to her masterpiece for those very few who haven't seen it www.flickr.com/photos/bettyssugardreams/3594239893/
Bottom tier (9") : Vanilla sponge with Elderflower buttercream.
Middle (6") : Rich Chocolate sponge with dark chocolate buttercream.
Top tier (4"): Vanilla Maderia Sponge with chocolate buttercream.
All covered in a sand coloured fondant
and decorated with fondant shells, starfish, pebbles, pearls, flowers and driftwood with the schools name pressed in,
the sand is soft brown sugar. I hope they like it!