14 Jul 2011

Cherry Blossom & Butterfly Cupcakes

These pretty cupcakes were quickly made last night
(as I forgot all about them!)
for my son's Summer School Fayre.
Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies sitting on
large domed vanilla cupcakes.

Dr Who Tardis Cake

Dr Who
    40th Birthday cake for a huge Dr Who
and Radley bag fan.
The mother of the birthday girl ordered this from me
after seeing my Radley bag cake at a local Royal Navy Summer Show.
I love the fact that this Tardis cake is for a woman
as I too love Dr Who
(but I have got to admit my favourite Dr was Christopher Eccleston,
wasn't the Dr for very long but Wow! he was awesome!)
The Tardis cake is 6 layers of Vanilla sponge with buttercream filling,
and sitting alongside it is a minature K9 and a tiny Radley Bag.