27 Feb 2012

Dolly's 100th Birthday Cake

What an honour it was to be asked to make a local Lady
her Birthday cake for her
100th Birthday!

The Grand-daughter wanted something quite simple
but special and the most important thing
was for it to be a chocolate cake!
......she LOVES chocolate! lol!

The Grand-daughter loved it when she came to collect it
and I hope Dolly enjoyed it too!
Unfortunately, Dolly wouldn't be able to see it
as she has lost her sight,
so the taste will be the most important part!!!!

More Miliary Cupcakes

I have made quite a few Military cupcakes lately,
but because I have done the same ones
time and time again,
I didn't want to bore you with the 
same kind of photos!
But I haven't made the ones pictured above
so thought I would share these!

They were made for a tabletop meeting they were having
and they look and taste so much better than the usual biscuits
to accompany their tea & coffee!

I ran out of edible silver paint
but luckily I had some edible silver leaf,
so I used that instead and love it!!!!