29 Jul 2011

Plaque Cake

A farewell cake made for my husbands CO
in the shape of the  Unit's (33 Field Hospital, Gosport) plaque
.......as a surprise!

Vanilla sponge with buttercream
and covered in sugarpaste decoration!

28 Jul 2011

Birdcage Cake

This Birdcage cake was made for a friends mum
as a birthday gift!
I am probably the only cake decorator who (until now)
hadn't made one of these.

This would be absolutely perfect on top of a tiered wedding cake 
or as a cutting cake on a cupcake tower
..........just looks so romantic!

This birdcage is actually oval
and decorated with a bird, rose, blossoms
butterflies and trailing ivy
and in a pastel colour scheme.


25 Jul 2011

Garden #2 Cake

A retirement cake for a garden & art loving teacher
who was helped in the Swans class at my son's old school.
I loved how this design came together!
Really hope she likes this!

Lots of photo's I know,
but theres alot of details on this one!

24 Jul 2011

This was ordered for the clients mother's birthday.
 She loves her garden so I had to design the cake with this in mind,
also to add her pets, bird feeder and her favourite tipple....Cava!
The client absolutely loved it when she came to collect it!
This did have "Happy 60th Mum" and a few more flowers on but I added those after I took the photo!
 (I nearly forgot to put it on! lol!)

The actual cake is a deep 10" Coffee Cake

22 Jul 2011

Diesel Cylinder Head Cake

After putting my Radley Handbag cake
in the HMS Sultan Summer Show
I received yet another enquiry for a cake,
but this time something a whole lot different!

He asked if I could make a "Diesel Cylinder Head" shaped cake
for his wife's birthday (as she is also in the Navy and works on these!)
of course I had no idea what it was or looked like,
so seeing as he worked just around the corner at Sultan he showed me some pictures
and I agreed I could make it.
Thinking it was a relatively simple shape/design!
boy was I wrong,
I find the simple ones seem to be the most tricky!
But anyway, when he came to collect it
he said it was just what he was expecting and loved it
.............I really hoped his wife liked it as much as he did!!!

This measures 11" long and a good 5.5" deep
Cake is chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache!

21 Jul 2011

Cherry Blossom

A Cherry Blossom decorated chocolate cake

made for a friend....just because!
This cake is a small 5" at 4.5" high

17 Jul 2011

Fantasy Daisy Birthday Cupcakes

Fantasy Daisy Cupcakes
These were made for a returning customers
sister's birthday.

I met this lady about a couple of months after I started my business up,
she was actually my Surgeon 
and had the lovely job
of taking my pins out of my wrist after a previous operation.
She asked me what I did for a living (to see if I needed a doctors note)
and I told her I just started working for myself and cheekily gave her one of my cards
....well, you have got to plug it wherever haven't you!
Funny though, her sister makes cakes also,
but she later ordered some cupcakes for her sisters birthday as a surprise!
and now is back for more a year later!!

Cupcakes are Zesty Lemon & Vanilla flavours.

14 Jul 2011

Cherry Blossom & Butterfly Cupcakes

These pretty cupcakes were quickly made last night
(as I forgot all about them!)
for my son's Summer School Fayre.
Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies sitting on
large domed vanilla cupcakes.

Dr Who Tardis Cake

Dr Who
    40th Birthday cake for a huge Dr Who
and Radley bag fan.
The mother of the birthday girl ordered this from me
after seeing my Radley bag cake at a local Royal Navy Summer Show.
I love the fact that this Tardis cake is for a woman
as I too love Dr Who
(but I have got to admit my favourite Dr was Christopher Eccleston,
wasn't the Dr for very long but Wow! he was awesome!)
The Tardis cake is 6 layers of Vanilla sponge with buttercream filling,
and sitting alongside it is a minature K9 and a tiny Radley Bag.

9 Jul 2011

Oriental Teapot Cake

Oriental Teapot Cake
I made this for the Brockhurst Infants School Summer Fayre
to be entered into the raffle today.
The Head Teacher (Mr Nicholls) loved it
as did the others.

The Cake is a Vanilla Sponge with Rosewater Buttercream,
covered in pale blue fondant, flowerpaste bamboo handle
and decorated with various sized cherry blossoms.

Worms 3D Birthday Cake

Worms 3D Cake
Worms is my son's favourite playstation game,
he just can't get enough of these little characters!
Months ago Will's wanted me to make an R2D2 (Star Wars) cake as his Birthday cake,
then he changed it to Super Mario!
but knowing how much he loved worms
I asked him if he would prefer a Worms one instead........
he thought that that was the best idea EVER!!!!!

Needless to say Will's LOVES this cake
and now wants me to make these characters out of clay so he can keep and play with them!!!

Cake is a light vanilla sponge with rosewater buttercream,
all decorations are handcrafted and edible.