26 Jan 2009

Be My Valentine

Large sized cupcake
covered with a red fondant circle dusted with lustre,
decorated with a single large heart dusted with Red & Purple lustre dusts.

25 Jan 2009

Copper/Bronze Sunflower

Muffin sized cupcake
with buttercream and a circle of fondant
with a heavy dusting of bronze and copper lustre.
The topper is a fondant sunflower with copper highlights.

Whimsical Lilac Cupcake

24 Jan 2009

Whimsical Lilac Cupcake #2

Same as the last but this time not quite so 3D looking,
as the leaves here are lying flatter against the cupcake
and also I have used a silver cake case .........
and I think it works better this colour!

Fresh as a Daisy

This regular sized cupcake has been covered
with lashings of Rose Water Buttercream
and decorated with
fresh looking fondant daisies with non pariels for their centres.

23 Jan 2009

A "Thank You" gift

These were made as a thank you to a friend who has helped me out
while I had to visit the hospital.
Vanilla sponge cupcakes with swirls of rosewater buttercream
and topped with hearts & flower chocolates
with decorative chocolate transfers.
Vanilla sponge cupcake with Chocolate Ganache swirls
(my first attempt at making ganache!)
and topped with a single Pink Blossom made of fondant.

Faerie Flowers Cupcake

Any little Tinkerbell fan would love this cupcake topped with sweet flowers
with faerie dust sprinkled all over. Unfortunately I didn't have any edable glitter,
only the Magic Sparkles Flakes,
so I ground them down a little and....
faerie dust!!!

14 Jan 2009

Black in Bloom

This is very simular to my "Cupcake in Bloom" design,
which I loved!
I went a little mad with the embossing, but hey!


8 Jan 2009

Love....The Sweetest Kind!

The title corny I know!!
An embossed blanket of fondant is placed on a buttercream
topped cupcake and dusted with Mother of pearl lustre.
Decorated with two fondant hearts and
lightly dusted again with the lustre.


The title says it all.
This one was made because the design was in my head and I had to do it,
I wouldn't make this as an order,
as I was surprised it made it to the next room to get photographed without breaking,
although it has set quite solid.......but travelling? a big NO-NO!!!
I love the way this one looks...so fragile.

7 Jan 2009


With it being so cold and frosty out at the moment I thought I
would frost up a cupcake with silver dust!
As usual, decoration made out of fondant, and left
to completely dry
then covered in a dusting of edible silver.

6 Jan 2009

Laura Ashley Inspired #2

Laura Ashley inspired cupcake #2
Green fondant stem/tendrils swirled around the top of a blanket of fondant,
with little leaves and an embossed,
red, three petal flower placed in the centre

Laura Ashley Inspired

I was totally inspired by the gorgeous fabric designs from Laura Ashley
and thought if I took some elements from them,
they would look beautiful on cupcakes!
So this is the first one I have made and hopefully,
some other designs will follow!!