18 Dec 2008

Frosted SnowFlakes

Snowflake cupcakes made for Will (my son) to take to school tomorrow for his teacher's. They are my usual Vanilla cupcakes with a generous helping
of mildly flavoured RoseWater buttercream with a splodge of cream added....yum!
covered in a blanket of fondant sprayed with blue lustre on the one side and pearl lustre sprayed over top
(not that the photo shows this very well)
these were then decorated with various sized snowflakes
and a single edible pearl.

17 Dec 2008

March Of The Penguin Cupcakes

30 Penguins (all handmade from fondant) toppers for cupcakes
made for my son's Classroom Christmas Party
to share out around all his classmates.
Pretty time consuming but worth it as the children and mothers
seemed to like them.