25 Sep 2011

*Give-away Winner*

Congratulation's to Maria Angeles Marin from Spain
you have won the Give-away (above)
I have sent you an email and waiting on your postal address 
so you can receive your lovely gift!

I would also like to thank everyone who entered
and to all my followers on here and on my facebook page,
your comments and time looking through really mean alot to me,
so please keep coming back and I will hopefully be doing another give-away sometime next year!

Many thanks

16 Sep 2011

"Love Tattoo" Anniversary Cake

I love everything about this little cake!
I have been inspired by so many cake artists
who have created cakes in this type of design
and two of my favourites were by Becky http://www.consumedbycake.co.uk/
and Laura from http://www.mammajammacakes.co.uk/
 I do hope I get to make a larger stacked cake like this in the near future!!!

This cake was made for friends
celebrating their 16th Wedding Anniversary
I wanted something old school
 and a little bit Rock 'n' Roll!
so thought this would be perfect for them!

This little gem is a 6" Chocolate Sponge
(at 4" deep)
filled and coated with Chocolate Ganache,
covered in ivory sugarpaste
and decorated in hand cut & painted gumpaste
Tattoo Hearts and Lovebird.

Thank you for stopping by!

5 Sep 2011

Sewing Machine Cake on "Sunday Sweets"

I just thought I would share with you all that
I had another one of my cakes featured on
"Sunday Sweets"

obviously by the photo shown above.
It's really a very nice feeling when
ones cakes get noticed!
you should go and check out the other amazing cakes too,
they are fantastic!
Have a good day all
and don't forget to enter the giveaway on the previous post!

30 Aug 2011


Hello Followers!
I have brought a few things together for a giveaway to say "thank you!"
for following me on here, my Blog and on my Facebook page.
One lucky person will receive this lovely parcel someday soon.
As I have so many followers from other countries I didn't want them to miss out,
so I have decided not to add anything edible to this
and have purchased some lovely gifts!
This giveaway is worldwide!

1. The first is this little book of how to make Cake Pops,
inside are many different designs and recipes for you to try
by Clare O'Connell

2. This gorgeous pair of Tea Towels
in Provence Rose & Blue Spot
by Cath Kidston

................and finally another item from the Cath Kidston range
is a lovely little book full of over 200 Labels & Stickers
 to use in your kitchen, office
or just about anywhere in your home.
They even add a nice finishing touch to gifts!
I really wish I got myself one of these the same time,
so I will have to go and order another now! lol!

All you have to do is in the comment box below, enter just your Name, Country (you are from)
 and your email address,
*Please note emails will not show up on the comment list,
emails are for me only, so I can notify the lucky winner and for them to forward
their postal address to me.

Again, "Thank You all for your time, comments & business
over the last few years from when it started up as a hobby
to now...as my own business!

Remember, Name, Country & Email!






Alicia Hammel,          USA
Amanda Bradley,         Australia
Emma Stanyon,           England
Jennifer,               California, USA
Maureen Lett,           Wadesboro, NC USA
Katie Nicholls,         England
Leisl Adams,            Canada
Shelly Baker ,          UK
Sue Brown,              England
Caroline,               Norway
Lori Stahnke,           North Carolina, USA.
Susanna Hellström,      Sweden
Tina Papadopoulou,      Greece
Elise,                  UK
Manthos Papadopoulos,   Greece
Candee Jackson,         USA
Marie McGrath,          England
Nazia Abdulla,          United Kingdom
Signe Juul Thorsø,      Denmark
Rebecca Swygart,        United Kingdom
Sam, Scrumptious Buns,  United Kingdom
Leah,                   N.Ireland
KimB,                   USA
Kimberley Riddell,      England
Christina,             US
                      Kris Mommaerts,            Wisconsin, United States
Alison Inglis,               England
Karin,                           Sweden
KriKri,                    Italy
Maria Angeles Marín.   Spain
Jayne Fretwell,             England
Krystal Dogolo,                     United States
Kimberley Stenhouse,       Devon, UK
Rosie D,                  USA
Bobbie Hellyer,             Australia
Larissa Rimkevicius,        NC, USA
Cristina,                     Spain
Anita Van Eede,                     AUSTRALIA
Rachel Shepherd,                  New Zealand
Eleana Clancy,            Ireland
Silvia,                            Portugal
Nailya Geada,          Qatar
Samantha Searle,           Australia
                                         Tracey Tribe       New South Wales Australia
 Shannon Junttila,     USA
           Claire Duffy,     Ireland
                              Heidi       ON, Canada
                Callie D.   USA
           Debbie Birdsall       England     
                                        Heidi Garey   Southend on Sea, Essex
                           Claire Smith     Birmingham UK.
                          Katie    Australia
                           Angela Lai    Perth Australia
                  Simone          Sweden.
                        Shah             Solihull UK
               Ester         Italy
                                        Lois       Mishawaka,  USA
    Liana Engie       US
             Natalie Rose      Germany
Samantha George    UK
                 Megan P.     Canada
     Heather Nelson      Texas
  Charlotte Salvage    UK
           Sharon Smith      Ireland
           Karen Apple      Poland
                 Susan Ong      Malaysia
       Therese Lara       USA
          Teri Nicastro     USA
           Mookie Lara    USA
                           Shirley      Kent, UK



Congratulation's to
 Maria Angeles Marin from Spain
for winning the Give-away!!!!!

20 Aug 2011

Flying Scotsman Birthday Cake

The Flying Scotsman Birthday Cake.

Another order from the lovely Stephanie
 for her Dad's 80th Birthday
.......and thanks to her leaving a post on my facebook page earlier
 I know it was liked by everyone, especially her Dad!

Cake is Zesty Lemon decorated with countryside scenery and a sugar Flying Scotsman.
Thanks Stephanie!

Elise & Tom's Vintage Pearl & Loops Wedding Cake

Today's Wedding cake was for a lovely young couple
Elise & Tom,
who were getting married at the Beaulieu Abbey
and the reception was held at one of the buildings there
"The Domus"
(see both photo's above)
Absolutely gorgeous venue!!!
The cake has deep tiers at 4.5" each 
Bottom Tier: Chocolate & Chocolate Ganache
Middle Tier: Vanilla, Buttercream & Strawberry Conserve
Top Tier: Zesty Lemon, Buttercream & Lemon Curd
The middle tier is covered in sugarpaste pearls
Very time consuming but the results speak for themself!
The bride provided the ribbons for the loops
and also the gorgeous delicate lace
that borders the top & Bottom cakes.

I really hope they love the look of the cake
as much as I do!
Thanks for looking

12 Aug 2011

RLC (Commissioning) Cupcakes

These RLC Badge Cupcakes
were ordered by a young lady for her other half
as a surprise!
as he was Commissioning into the RLC today.

These are Chocolate Sponge Cupcakes,
topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache
and covered in a black fondant circle
topped with a sugar RLC Badge.

7 Aug 2011

Vanilla & Flaked Almond Birthday Cake

A returning customer requested a cake
for a gentleman who doesn't like fondant/sugarpaste.
She wanted a square Victoria Sponge,
filled with jam & buttercream
and with fresh cream on top.
But because of the weather being pretty humid
and the fact she had to drive it up to London
I was a bit worried the cream wouldn't
travel well,
so we agreed that I would cover the cake in buttercream
with a high content of cream mixed through
and the sides were covered in flaked almonds.
Then if she desired, she could add a little fresh cream
when she arrived at destination.

Whilst putting the flaked almonds on the sides of the cake
I felt it looked a bit messy,
so I desided to place them on one by one
which has given this beautiful and neat effect.
As for the plaque,
it can be quite hard to design something for a man who you know
nothing about!
So I added a few ornate curlycues for decoration
just to give it a special look for his 70th Birthday.
The client loved it when she collected it
and said that I always go that extra mile with my work!
What a lovely thing to say!

6 Aug 2011

VW Birthday Cake

This was made for the owner of a Yellow & White
 VW Campervan.
Vanilla Sponge with buttercream
covered with yellow fondant
and decorated with a fondant VW Symbol.

29 Jul 2011

Plaque Cake

A farewell cake made for my husbands CO
in the shape of the  Unit's (33 Field Hospital, Gosport) plaque
.......as a surprise!

Vanilla sponge with buttercream
and covered in sugarpaste decoration!

28 Jul 2011

Birdcage Cake

This Birdcage cake was made for a friends mum
as a birthday gift!
I am probably the only cake decorator who (until now)
hadn't made one of these.

This would be absolutely perfect on top of a tiered wedding cake 
or as a cutting cake on a cupcake tower
..........just looks so romantic!

This birdcage is actually oval
and decorated with a bird, rose, blossoms
butterflies and trailing ivy
and in a pastel colour scheme.


25 Jul 2011

Garden #2 Cake

A retirement cake for a garden & art loving teacher
who was helped in the Swans class at my son's old school.
I loved how this design came together!
Really hope she likes this!

Lots of photo's I know,
but theres alot of details on this one!

24 Jul 2011

This was ordered for the clients mother's birthday.
 She loves her garden so I had to design the cake with this in mind,
also to add her pets, bird feeder and her favourite tipple....Cava!
The client absolutely loved it when she came to collect it!
This did have "Happy 60th Mum" and a few more flowers on but I added those after I took the photo!
 (I nearly forgot to put it on! lol!)

The actual cake is a deep 10" Coffee Cake

22 Jul 2011

Diesel Cylinder Head Cake

After putting my Radley Handbag cake
in the HMS Sultan Summer Show
I received yet another enquiry for a cake,
but this time something a whole lot different!

He asked if I could make a "Diesel Cylinder Head" shaped cake
for his wife's birthday (as she is also in the Navy and works on these!)
of course I had no idea what it was or looked like,
so seeing as he worked just around the corner at Sultan he showed me some pictures
and I agreed I could make it.
Thinking it was a relatively simple shape/design!
boy was I wrong,
I find the simple ones seem to be the most tricky!
But anyway, when he came to collect it
he said it was just what he was expecting and loved it
.............I really hoped his wife liked it as much as he did!!!

This measures 11" long and a good 5.5" deep
Cake is chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache!

21 Jul 2011

Cherry Blossom

A Cherry Blossom decorated chocolate cake

made for a friend....just because!
This cake is a small 5" at 4.5" high

17 Jul 2011

Fantasy Daisy Birthday Cupcakes

Fantasy Daisy Cupcakes
These were made for a returning customers
sister's birthday.

I met this lady about a couple of months after I started my business up,
she was actually my Surgeon 
and had the lovely job
of taking my pins out of my wrist after a previous operation.
She asked me what I did for a living (to see if I needed a doctors note)
and I told her I just started working for myself and cheekily gave her one of my cards
....well, you have got to plug it wherever haven't you!
Funny though, her sister makes cakes also,
but she later ordered some cupcakes for her sisters birthday as a surprise!
and now is back for more a year later!!

Cupcakes are Zesty Lemon & Vanilla flavours.

14 Jul 2011

Cherry Blossom & Butterfly Cupcakes

These pretty cupcakes were quickly made last night
(as I forgot all about them!)
for my son's Summer School Fayre.
Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies sitting on
large domed vanilla cupcakes.

Dr Who Tardis Cake

Dr Who
    40th Birthday cake for a huge Dr Who
and Radley bag fan.
The mother of the birthday girl ordered this from me
after seeing my Radley bag cake at a local Royal Navy Summer Show.
I love the fact that this Tardis cake is for a woman
as I too love Dr Who
(but I have got to admit my favourite Dr was Christopher Eccleston,
wasn't the Dr for very long but Wow! he was awesome!)
The Tardis cake is 6 layers of Vanilla sponge with buttercream filling,
and sitting alongside it is a minature K9 and a tiny Radley Bag.