29 Nov 2010

Snowmen & Christmas Tree Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Shortbread Cookies cut in the shape of Christmas Trees and Snowmen
covered with sugarpaste and hand scored to give
extra detailing.

These cookies were made for friends as we were visiting them after
school today and as it's that time of year I
just had to make some festive treats!
....any excuse!

14 Nov 2010


Can you imagine the squeals of delight
when I was asked to make another Little Miss (Mr Men) cake....
but this time being "Little Miss Sunshine!"
they are all so very cute!
This is a Vanilla & Chocolate layer cake
cut to a size of 6.5 x 7" and covered in sugarpaste/fondant
and placed on a 12" cake board.


I was asked to recreate the "Vintage Sewing Machine"
I made a while back as was very pleased to do so!
I am really pleased with the result
and thinking it is actually better than the first one I made.
If you can recall the actual sewing machine part is Polystyrene
covered in sugarpaste (fondant)
and decorated to resemble the machine.
This is placed on a 3mm cake board which can be
removed and if wished....saved.
The machine box part is cake,
"Zesty Lemon Sponge sandwiched together
with Lemon Buttercream.
and placed on a 12" x 14" cake board.

6 Nov 2010



This is the new Wedding Display Cake I have made to go in http://www.susansofgosport.co.uk/ and if you live in the Hampshire area drop by Gosport and you will be able to view this and see how elegant this looks for real. Also have a look at the extensive selection of Wedding and Prom dresses........she has everything you could wish for and more......

This cake has deep tiers for the top and middle and standard depth for the bottom tier, but would look amazing no matter what depth each tier was.

Double covered with ivory sugarpaste for a clean finish and trimmed with ivory sugarpaste trim and ribbon which could be any colour to match your wedding colour/theme.

To finish the simplicity design, a sugar Magnolia is added and sligtly dusted with lustre (although on the photo the lighting gives it quite a glossy look) and the flower centre has some magic sparkles sprinkled on for a slight jewelled finish.

1 Nov 2010


I had two separate orders for this last weekend
and they were both for "Guitar Cakes!"
...what are the chances?
The Top guitar was made to look like the clients
son's own Yamaha Guitar so this was airbrushed for the effect,
I remembered at the last minute to put the
Yamaha writing and symbol on the Machine Head part
literally just before they rang the doorbell to pick the cake up,
unfortunately I didn't get any photos of that
but pleased with the photo's I have got anyway!
This particular cake was Chocolate sponge with
Chocolate Buttercream covered in sugar paste/fondant
and all the detailing is edible.
The bottom cake (photographed above)
was a Vanilla Sponge & Buttercream
and made almost identical but you will probably recognise it
from a cake I made quite a while back,
so this one is a replica of that.
Both cakes were set on a 24" x 14" Cake Board
For Prices see
under Celebration Cakes