30 Jun 2010

Events for later in the year

Cupcakes for friends
Pancreatic Cancer Action Org.
will be receiving cupcakes/cakes designed and donated by me "Small Things Iced"
later on in the year in Hampshire UK. Watch this space for more information.
.......... Please take time to have a look through this site
Thank you!
Pancreatic Cancer Action is working towards saving lives through raising awareness in the public, media and government. Find out how you can get involved.

16 Jun 2010

Farewell Suitcase Cake

A Farewell Cake in the form of a suitcase,
which I thought was Apt. as our friends and neighbours
are moving away to Ireland.
I couldn't have asked for better neighbours,
someone to laugh, cry and drink with!!! :o)
This is a sponge cake
measuring 9 x 7 inches and 2.5 inch deep
on a cake board 14 x 12 inches

2 Jun 2010

Dinner Cupcakes

We have dinner guests tonight and that is a perfect excuse for cupcakes!!!!

I had no idea what design I was going to do,
 so made a few flowers last night....
which I might add didn't like them much then,
 and just went with the flow today,
and now quite like them,
although the green is slightly more gentle than it looks here.

The flowers are cut with the Fantasy Flower Cutter
and placed on a light sage green, scored, circle of fondant,
which look a little like daisies on a lawn.....well I think so!!:o)


1 Jun 2010

"A Paisley Dream" Wedding Cake

I have had this image for a Wedding Cake for ages....

since doing the paisley cupcakes way back,

I just LOVE paisley so much!

I then found a cake designed by my favourite Cake Artist/Designer, Shinmin Li,

(her work is out of this world)

it was what I was sort of thinking,

but with delicate flowers added for a more feminine feel

(and alot more detail and skill I might add)

so I can't take all the credit for the design.

But I love this and feel it is a quite typical style of what I do.

3 tiered Dummy Cake covered in fondant with a hint of peach,

decorated with blossoms and piping in the same colour.

Paisley shapes were handcut, dusted and piped.

Cake size:

Bottom tier 9"

Middle tier 7"

Top tier 5"