24 Jul 2008

Orange & Purple Cupcakes for Schools PTE Fundraising

This collection was made for my sons Schools PTE Fundraising event.

All orange & purple fondant flowers were made in advance to thoroughly dry out, so they will keep they're shape (photo 1 & 2) and the 3rd photo has them all boxed up and ready to go!

Ruby & Black

Ruby & black handmade fondant flowers.


Far left photo shows some of the first fondant roses that I've made.
The middle one has them placed with a leaf on cupcakes and buttercream.
And the final photo has one of the cupcakes with different surroundings

Lilac Daisies

Far left are some fondant daisies made after taking photos of the flowers in my garden, well they wouldn't have got made if I wasn't told "I should get some inspiration from them" from a good friend Bev, from "Sugarbloom" who I met on Flickr. So glad I did, I love the way these look!
The next photo shows them placed on top of the cupcakes. The buttercream had melted a little as it was a very, very hot day!


  1. On the far left are black fondant flowers of various sizes and styles, and finished with some cachous/dragees, another experiment.
  2. The middle picture shows some of the flowers on some cupcakes with buttercream swirls.
  3. And the third picture shows another variety of the flowers on cupcakes with some buttercream, covered with a blanket of embossed fondant.

Handmade Fondant Flowers

Handmade fondant flowers made by me.
I love making these, very therapeutic!
I like to try and make something a little different by adding tiny sprinkles and things if I have them!

All Vanilla

A small, all vanilla cupcake & buttercream. This is one of the early cakes I made. A lot of my cakes are just practice pieces, getting to know flavours, textures, how to decorate them, of which I like the decorating part the best!