29 Sep 2010

Simple Domed Cupcakes

Will's going round to see his friend Harry after school today
and I was invited along for a coffee,
so it would be rude of me to turn up empty handed!
These are just my simple Vanilla cupcakes flavoured with
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Vanilla Extract.
I get so excited everytime I reach for this fabulous flavour,
as soon as you open the bottle the aroma hits you,
sweet and rich with a hint of alcohol.........
ooooh....maybe that's what I am liking! LOL!!!
but seriously, for me, this is the best extract to buy!
The buttercream is left plain (not flavoured) but lots of it!
and covered with a circle of fondant.
Each cupcake has a single butterfly or blossom
with Pink/Purple tones.
Lets hope they like cake! lol!

28 Sep 2010

"NEW" Shabby Chic/Vintage cookies

These are some of the cookies I posted today to Norwich,
to the lovely couple who held on to my parcel
(whilst arrangements were made for redirecting)
I just wanted to give them a small token to show my appreciation.

These cookies are my new line..."shabby Chic/Vintage"
made in pale blues & greens with ivory royal iced piping, in the shape of "Lovebirds and Bird Houses". (The Lovebirds are handcut to give the intended shape)
These would suit any Vintage Wedding or a special Party and come in any 2 or 3 colour combo.

22 Sep 2010

Cupcake Recipe

Click on the link below to download one of my basic cupcake recipes
 and please, while you are there take five minutes to look through the website

It's such a good cause!
Ali Stunt (the founder of the website) is a rare survivor of the disease
......one amazing lady!
and is doing everything to increase awareness to everyone,
not only the public but the medical community and the government also
The survival rate of this type of cancer is only 3% of which you will agree is a real eye opener!

15 Sep 2010

"Nicola" Anniversary Cake

This 2 tier cake was a bit of a rush job......
infact, this is a cake I made for our 8th Wedding Anniversary.
With the cakes I make for clients there is always planning involved,
but when it comes to making one for ourselves
it's usually a just few cupcakes as I have left it too late
or a very small cake.
This time I wanted a two tier and quickly made the vanilla sponges.
I mixed up this gorgeous pale duck egg blue coloured sugarpaste
(which the colour doesn't look true in this photo)
which I adore!!!
I hadn't a clue how to decorate it so I piped some royal icing pearls
at the base of each tier and placed an Ivory sugar bloom ontop......
I still wasn't happy with it, so I went and had a good
sort through my sugarcraft kit/tools drawers
and pulled out the dragonfly mould
So I have a cake I would like,
I didn't want to make one in the style my husband would want
as it would probably have footballs all over it!!! lol!
My Husband named this cake "Nicola" as
it's for our anniversary he thought it made sense!
Cake size is
Top tier 5"
Bottom tier 8"

10 Sep 2010

Marines Cupcakes

These cupcakes are an order I made for a lovely lady (Jo Sowerby) who is also

a follower of this blog and my facebook page :o)

She wanted some cupcakes for her friends son who has

joined the Royal Marines!

I usually make the sugar cap badges from a mould but unfortunately

wasn't able to get a badge in time for the order,

so I made one which is handcut and crafted....freehand,

it's a little larger than the actual badge size

but I am really pleased with the result!

and hopefully Jo and the newly Royal Marine will be too!

This cupcake is Lemon Sponge,

with a generous portion of Lemon Buttercream,

covered with a circle blanket of sugarpaste in dark green

to represent the "Green Beret" and topped with the edible

Royal Marine Badge.

The other cupcakes are of the same flavours,

but covered in a camouflage designed sugarpaste!

Thank you for the order Jo! x

I absolutely love making "Military Cakes"

and I have another Military cake order for early next year

I can't say anything about them yet,

but they are going to be really special...... so I can't wait to make those!



7 Sep 2010

Black & White Cupcakes

Black & White Cupcake

Zebra Print case filled with vanilla sponge,
 with rosewater buttercream
and covered with a circle of white sugarpaste
...topped with a single white bloom.
The Animal print cupcake cases are purchased from
our local supermarket "Morrisons"
and I was very impressed with them,
the print didn't fade at all,
 as some cases I have bought in the past
from sugarcraft retailers, faded so much
..................and were quite pricey!
These come in a pack of 100 in four designs
(Black & White Zebra, Pink & White Zebra,
 Black Leopard Print & finally Grey Leopard Print)
and I think I just paid 99p
They are slightly smaller than the usual cupcakes I make,
but still a good, deep size!