10 Mar 2011

"Something New, Old & Rejected!"

Something new.....camera
something old....display cake
& something rejected.....sugar rose!

I have been dropping ridiculously large hints to my husband
about getting a new camera for my Birthday,
of which I might add is in July!
I told him I REALLY needed it before as I am trying to
get a portfolio together for my clients to view.
My old camera.......well camera phone was dying
and the quality wasn't good enough for the making of
a book/portfolio!
So my lovely hubby surprised me with one.
I am such a happy bunny
and feel slightly like a spoilt child!
I won't be asking for anything else for quite some time!
...........although I have a lens on my wish list
and I think I will be buying that one myself! LOL!!!!

I hope I don't bore you all too much with
lots of new photos!
I still  need to learn about all the settings
 as the centre of the rose isn't quite there
but extremely happy with the improved results!