22 Jul 2011

Diesel Cylinder Head Cake

After putting my Radley Handbag cake
in the HMS Sultan Summer Show
I received yet another enquiry for a cake,
but this time something a whole lot different!

He asked if I could make a "Diesel Cylinder Head" shaped cake
for his wife's birthday (as she is also in the Navy and works on these!)
of course I had no idea what it was or looked like,
so seeing as he worked just around the corner at Sultan he showed me some pictures
and I agreed I could make it.
Thinking it was a relatively simple shape/design!
boy was I wrong,
I find the simple ones seem to be the most tricky!
But anyway, when he came to collect it
he said it was just what he was expecting and loved it
.............I really hoped his wife liked it as much as he did!!!

This measures 11" long and a good 5.5" deep
Cake is chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache!