23 Oct 2010

Walking Boot cake

65th Walking Boot Cake.
Within this cake I had to incorporate 4 children,
to represent the grandchildren,
a destroyer naval ship, cricket bat & ball
and a blue & white striped footy scarf.
Everything here is edible.
The cake itself is Zesty Lemon with Lemon Buttercream.
All placed on a 14" square Cake Board.

18 Oct 2010

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

So........I know the photo isn't the best quality,
but lets face it, when the cupcakes taste really good
......who cares!!!
I made these from one of my cake recipes
and wanted to find out if they worked well as cupcakes!
the answer to that one is "OH YES!!!"
The dark chocolate sponge tastes really chocolatey
and yet so light in texture,
each one is covered in a thick layer of
chocolate glaze and when it's set it's still soft,
firm but soft!
and as for the taste, well.....my best yet!
sooo pleased with these!
Now all we have to do is eat them!
Oh my poor waistline!........tut, never mind lol!

16 Oct 2010

Vintage Pearl & Rose Wedding Cake

This 3 tier Wedding cake would look gorgeous
at any wedding with a vintage theme.
Each tier has double the thickness of any regular cake
( I think looks a lot better for this style)
 has sugarpaste pearls around each base as a boarder
and the middle tier is completely covered in
sugarpaste strings of pearls
......of which I don't mind sharing with you,
"they took forever!!!"
but the result is well worth it.

The pearls are painted with a golden pearl lustre
& finished off with various sized roses in a graded peach colour.

10 Oct 2010

Masquerade Cupcake Tower

Masquerade Themed 40th Party
This order was placed as a surprise for the clients wife,
obviously she knew about the party
but he wanted to order her some cakes to tie in with the theme.
He already mentioned he liked the look of the
coconut covered cupcakes and more or less left the design up to me,
so this is what was designed.
The top cutting cake is a 6" Vanilla Sponge
with Rosewater Buttercream,
covered in white fondant.
The large Mask Topper is Sugar,
handcut and crafted, airbrushed and painted in Blue & silver
with a sugar flower and finished off with feathers with embellishments.
The cupcakes are a variety of
Vanilla sponge covered with coconut and topped with
a double bloom.
Chocolate cupcakes and Zesty Lemon cupcakes
are fondant covered with a single sugar mask
individually airbrushed then hand painted.
I got a message from the client this morning saying that the cakes were a great success!
I am so pleased, as these were a joy to make,
yes, they took me absolutely ages
but the result was well worth it!
For Prices go to

9 Oct 2010

Cupcake Donation

The cupcakes above were donated to go into a raffle for a Charity event
that is happening tonight in Gosport Hampshire, UK
organised by Hayley (owner of "Susans of Gosport")
where raised funds will be going to Gosports
 "Harbour Cancer Support Centre"
Here's hoping it's a really good night!

These very voluptuous cupcakes are
Light and moist Vanilla Sponge
with a more than generous helping of creamy rosewater buttercream
all covered in a circle of fondant (some embossed)
and topped with either Dogwoods or a single large Bloom.

1 Oct 2010

Gosport Lifeboat Cake #2

I was asked to make another Gosport Lifeboat cake,
and guess what....this one is for a Jonathan aswell!
How funny!
A lovely family, they found the boat cake online
whilst looking for some kind of inspiration...
they said they couldn't believe it when they saw that
I was in the same town as they!
Good for them and good for me ;0)
The cake is a light vanilla sponge with buttercream
covered with fondant.
The waves on the board are fondant with royal icing.
Cake measures 8"x10"
and just over 3 inches deep (not including the centre piece)
All Edible