9 Apr 2012

Daisy & Sea Shell Cupcake Tower #2

Saturday's Wedding Cake Order.
You may well recognise that the design is quite similar to one I made last year!
but with a few teaks here and there with the design and colours
 .......and a pretty little crystal clam with a pearl topper,
it makes it that little more personal to the couple

I love these daisies,
they are very delicate but so simply pretty!
and with making some of my own sea shell moulds
they are that little bit more special!

A close-up on the detail of the top cutting cake.

This photo was taken at the venue at the 
Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth
(on the seafront)
but because I couldn't set up the cakes til after 6.30 pm
the lighting wasn't the best,
but they still look pretty!
such a shame I couldn't capture the
twinkling effect the sun gave on these!

I saw the bride & groom yesterday and they said
with the dark evening background (being after 9pm)
and the pretty lighting over the cakes they looked beautiful!
hope they can get some photos to me :o)

Thank you all for taking the time to look at these photos
and really hope you like them as much as I do!