31 Jul 2008

Combat Boobs Cake

A cake I made for a friend who is leaving the army. Apparently I said that I would make him one of these, but I don't even remember the conversation???........mind you I had, had quite a bit to drink at the time Hahahaha!!!!!!.....works do's, you know what there like!
Anyway, I am pleased with the outcome of this cake, and hopefully he will like it too!

25 Jul 2008


A couple of cupcakes left over from the combat cakes (see below), so with the spare buttercream which was also left over from the combat cakes I decided to use it to make some quick pretties for my son and me to eat up!....................Yum!! I just love that green colour!

Combat Cakes

My husband wanted me to make some cakes for work to welcome the new C.O. (Commanding Officer) to the unit. I was told "NOTHING WITH FLOWERS" ....tut! men, hey! So we came up with this! you can probably tell from the design he is in the Army.
The little boots that I made here were inspired from another flickr friend "Zalita" who kindly let me use her idea. I had intended to make more of these, but they were too time consuming!!!!.............. but I think one set is enough! The camouflage fondant took quite some time to make too, but the whole effect turned out great!

Rose Cuppies for the Teachers

Made for my son's Teachers & TA's to say thank you and goodbye on the last day of term.

Laptop Cake

This is probably my favourite cake to date!
It was made for an 18th party, I wasn't sure how to make the screen, as this didn't have to be edible, but thanks to some of my Flickr friends (Egg Yol! & CakesByShara) they helped me out.
The cake it's self was (bottom layer) chocolate sheet cake covered with blue fondant, next layer (laptop part) was chocolate sheet cake covered with fondant and painted silver and then just decorated with the keyboard (which the keys were all cut out and painted separately) and things...such as mouse, cables, buttons, etc........... the ipod was a last minute addition, as I accidentally dented the front of the blue cake and needed something to conceal it (this was hidden by the earphones).
All in all, I was very, very pleased with the look of this cake.

Power Ranger Overdrive

I love, love, loved making this cake! This was for my son's 5th birthday (party) who told me he wanted a power ranger cake! I have shown you this in stages, as it was quite a big cake! The first picture shows the cake sandwiched together and shaped like a helmet. The second has been covered in a thin layer of buttercream and put aside to dry for a while. Third photo shows the cake covered in blue fondant and smoothed to give it that helmet look, and again left to dry. And finally, the finished Power Ranger! Everything edible, all except for the candles! The words from my son were.......Mummy, I love my Power Ranger Head!!!...................haha!! bless!.........And then we cut the Power Ranger's head open...WHAAAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Subaru STi

Blue Subaru STi. I was asked by a friend if I could make her son a Subaru car cake for his birthday, this was fun to do, although the shape isn't exact they absolutely loved it!!! ....Thank God!!!

One Off

I fancied having a go at something alittle different, a bit more elegant (well they are for me!)
The top cupcake has buttercream swirled on top with a blanket of embossed fondant, the fondant is then dusted with lustre dust, decorated with a bronzed rose & leaf and finished off with a sugar diamond.
The bottom cake has the buttercream swirls with fondant flowers (and in this case they are very delicate) these are too brushed with lustre dust, with pearls for their centers.

Lilac, Pink & Purple Hills

I love these, so colourful and fresh looking. I made these just for fun, just for me!............oh yeah and my family!...tut!

School Fete Cupcakes

Cupcakes made for my son's School Fete for fundraising. Top photo shows the Chocolate & Treacle cupcakes with chocolate buttercream decorated with fondant blossom and cachous/pearls. The middle photo has Chocolate & treacle cupcakes and Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream and fondant flowers. Where the bottom one shows just vanilla cakes with rosewater buttercream, fondant flowers and cachous/pearls.

Lemon & Lime Cupcakes with Honey & Rosewater Buttercream

................................................................................... Although the cupcakes in these two pictures look so different, they are from the same batch. Both are Lemon & Lime cupcakes with Honey & Rosewater Buttercream, it is just the decor and size that differs. The cakes on the left (decorated with Red Blooms) were posted onto "cupcakes take the cake" site, of which I was thrilled to have been asked if they could have it on there, after they had seen it on my Flickr photostream. It's nice knowing that others like what I have made!

Father's Day Cakes

I was asked to make two Father's Day Cakes this year with the design left up to me, so I decided to go for the "Garden Theme". The first cake was chosen with a man mowing his lawn, because at the time the gent who the cake was for, was obsessed with his lawn looking flawless. So I made it with a comical element to it! The cake is an ordinary victoria sponge, filled and covered in buttercream, and left to dry (crust over) a little. Then the whole of the cake was covered in green fondant and again left to dry, ready for decoration. The second one was exactly the same cake just decorated differently! this one was for and older gentleman, so I made a garden bench with a newspaper sitting on it, and on the newspaper I had written (in a column) "Happy Father's Day! of which I thought was a nice touch!

24 Jul 2008

Orange & Purple Cupcakes for Schools PTE Fundraising

This collection was made for my sons Schools PTE Fundraising event.

All orange & purple fondant flowers were made in advance to thoroughly dry out, so they will keep they're shape (photo 1 & 2) and the 3rd photo has them all boxed up and ready to go!

Ruby & Black

Ruby & black handmade fondant flowers.


Far left photo shows some of the first fondant roses that I've made.
The middle one has them placed with a leaf on cupcakes and buttercream.
And the final photo has one of the cupcakes with different surroundings

Lilac Daisies

Far left are some fondant daisies made after taking photos of the flowers in my garden, well they wouldn't have got made if I wasn't told "I should get some inspiration from them" from a good friend Bev, from "Sugarbloom" who I met on Flickr. So glad I did, I love the way these look!
The next photo shows them placed on top of the cupcakes. The buttercream had melted a little as it was a very, very hot day!


  1. On the far left are black fondant flowers of various sizes and styles, and finished with some cachous/dragees, another experiment.
  2. The middle picture shows some of the flowers on some cupcakes with buttercream swirls.
  3. And the third picture shows another variety of the flowers on cupcakes with some buttercream, covered with a blanket of embossed fondant.

Handmade Fondant Flowers

Handmade fondant flowers made by me.
I love making these, very therapeutic!
I like to try and make something a little different by adding tiny sprinkles and things if I have them!

All Vanilla

A small, all vanilla cupcake & buttercream. This is one of the early cakes I made. A lot of my cakes are just practice pieces, getting to know flavours, textures, how to decorate them, of which I like the decorating part the best!