31 Oct 2008


A large muffin sized vanilla cupcake with Rose Water flavoured Buttercream
covered in a shaped blanket of fondant lightly dusted with lustre.
The cupcake has been decorated with hand cut fantasy leaves, flowers and spiral tendrils,
which are all made out of fondant.

17 Oct 2008

Cupcake in Bloom

A Vanilla, muffin sized cupcake covered in a fondant blanket with markings,
decorated with a single embossed red flower
and embossed leaves.

Mehndi Twist

A friend had asked if I could make a Mehndi/Henna inspired cupcake,
just for fun, and this is what I came up with.
I actually like how this looks.

9 Oct 2008

Paisley Passion

I was inspired by all the paisley patterns out at the moment
so this is my take on it, in cupcake style.
I am very pleased with the outcome.
Again a regular sponge cupcake (muffin size) with buttercream, covered in a paisley shaped blanket of fondant, which I then marked and painted & dusted with silver.
The decorations are embossed and dusted with silver paisley shapes and flowers
all of which are edable.
This has got to be my favourite cupcake, I just love the look of it so much!


A sponge cupcake (muffin size) with buttercream and covered with a blanket of fondant
It has then been decorated with a single bloom and
a pair of embossed Hearts.
Dusted with silver.

7 Oct 2008

Whimsical Midnight Bloom

OK! last night I was thinking about Halloween, and wanted to do some cupcakes but without the usual pumpkins, bats, etc....... and wanted it to have a feminine floral touch, so I came up with this, not spooky or anything but I do like the whimsical look and I love the colours. but I will be using different cases, if I could find a matt silver that would be perfect, so if anyone finds some PLEASE!! let me know!
This is just a regular Vanilla, muffin sized cupcake with buttercream and a blanket of fondant dusted with Silver & Rimini Blue lustre, decorated in the usual blossom and Whimsical leaves and balls, all covered in the lustre.

5 Oct 2008

Chocolate Brown & Pink Embossed Cupcake

This cupcake is a vanilla sponge topped with buttercream
and covered in a blanket of pink embossed fondant,
that has then had a dusting of lustre dust
and finished off with a pink & brown
handmade fondant flower.
This one is now one of my favourite designs.

4 Oct 2008

Inspiration in Ruby & Cream

I named this cupcake Inspiration because I was inspired
by a good friend, Bev (SugarBloom Cupcakes)
if you haven't seen her work I advise you to go and check her Blog
you will find her link in My Favourites.
I took the design from my last cupcake (the green & purple one)
as I loved the embossing so much I copied it
and put it on this cupcake.

3 Oct 2008

Green & Purple Embossed Cupcake

Just some cupcakes I have made to practice some new embossing mats out on. I love this one so feminine. I have painted the embossing a different shade to highlight it and also added some fondant flowers, where the embossed flower should be, so it looks like they are popping out! Then sprayed the whole cupcake with lustre.