24 Jul 2010

Poppy Wedding Cake

3 Tier Poppy Wedding Cake with a hint of Baroque style swirls as a background.

I made this cake (Dummy) to be displayed in Susan's of Gosport
 our local Wedding Gown Shop http://www.susansofgosport.co.uk/ and I might add that it is Gosport's one and only store of this kind,
 so I was very excited when my neighbour told me that her friend would like me
 to make a display cake for her store after seeing my cakes online.
Hopefully it will send some Wedding Cake business my way :o)

                                 When I dropped off the cake there were lots of people in there,
which aparently is the norm and the shop itself is lovely,
full of the most gorgeous Wedding Dresses (obviously!)
also Prom Dresses and Eveningwear....
can you guess that I am still excited about the whole thing!!!!

Anyway Hayley (the owner) loved the cake
 and of course the cupcakes I gave her (pictured above)
so she can actually say that she has tried the cakes herself.

Black & White and Red & White are very popular colour combo's for her at the moment
 so I said I would incorporate all three colours together and made this.
I absolutely love poppies and didn't realise actually how popular they are,
since I made the poppies I have seen them everywhere!!!

This cake is a 6", 8" (Double Depth) and a 10"

Teacher's Cakes

I have got a bit behind with my blog as I have
been a little busy with catching up with emails,
making cakes, family etc........ I really do try to blog my work as soon as I
have finished making the cakes but it doesn't always happen, a bit like my Saturday
morning lie-in! I didn't have that either as I had to deliver a display cake
(pictures will be above this in a moment) to a lovely shop this morning!
This is a selection of cakes/cupcakes I made for my son to give to his teacher
and teacher assistants as "Thank You" gifts.
Quite a sad day, as it was his last day at Infant school on Friday
and will now be joinning the Juniors in September.......
my baby is growing up so fast :o(
The top cake was given to his wonderful teacher
and was inspired by some costume jewellery (Brooch)
I had spotted online and thought it would make a
beautiful decoration, made out of sugar for a cake,
and I think I was right, really love this one!
The second cake was given to the teacher's assistant,
another lovely lady, who I might add has had cakes from me in the past :o)
I love the flowers on this cake!
The cupcakes were for another assistant who sometimes helps out
and were in style with the first cake.