24 Aug 2009

Wine Bottle Cake & Rose

I was asked to make Sharon a Birthday Cake by her husband as a surprise,
leaving the design up to me
and knowing that the Birthday girl loves wine I thought I would make her a wine bottle cake
(I have been dying to make one of these!!)
with a sugar rose to give it a more feminine look
and I am very pleased with the result..... as were they!
This is my first attempt making a wired rose,
I didn't have any instructions on how to make it,
so it was complete guess work......I know it's not perfect but I am still very happy with it all the same!
The cake (crate and bottle) is rich chocolate sponge
with rose water buttercream covered in fondant and painted,
the rose is fondant with wire stems laid on a piece of ruffled fondant covered in lustre.

20 Aug 2009

Dairy Milk Bar Cake

Now this is my kind of cake!!!!!
So.......we have a friend coming over today and I promised him I'd make a cake,
I hope he likes it!
Just loved making this...such fun!
This is a rich, moist chocolate sheet cake,
carved and filled/covered in buttercream,
the chocolate chunk end is covered in chocolate fondant (well obviously!)
and the other side covered in fondant.
The foil looking part was dusted with Rimini coloured lustre and silver lustre,
as for the label, the fondant is purple/blue with hand cut lettering (Dairy)
and the rest was painted on freehand....as you can tell LOL!!!
The few individual chunks are also cake covered in chocolate fondant.

3 Aug 2009

Dragonfly Cake

Finally finished.......
didn't even know how I was going to decorate this cake until yesterday (after a few doodles)
and then it was just a matter of going with the flow,
but still went with the style of Christi Friesen as on the dragonfly!
I was so annoyed with myself .....as I was half way round decorating the sides, I had realised that I forgot to cover the board...oh well, at least I didn't make this for anybody!!!...just ME!!! :o)
This is a rich chocolate cake with buttercream,
covered with a cream coloured fondant
and decorated in green and cream hand cut & shaped fondant,
later dusted the deco with lustres to match the dragonfly.
It measures 4 1/2 x 6 inches (H & W