31 Dec 2009

"Happy New Year!" Black & Silver Cupcakes

"Happy New Year" to all my Blogger friends and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by & leave a comment! :o)
These little gems are for a New Years Party we will be attending tonight,
They are vanilla cupcakes with the usual rosewater buttercream,
half were topped with a circle of embossed fondant
and then painted with edible silver paint....
very time consuming
so with the other half of cupcakes
I decided on something a little quicker,
I have always LOVED Kylie's (Le Cupcake) cupcakes
so she was the inspiration on the black with silver balls....
not as elegant as hers always are, but I still love them.
Here is a link to her Gorgeous creations www.flickr.com/photos/lecupcake/1814093028/in/set-7215760...aren 't they just stunning!!!!!!
.......... All in all very pleased with these.

24 Dec 2009

Bauble Christmas Cake

This is our Rich Boozy Christmas Cake,
I have fed this cake with so much Brandy this year I can't wait to cut into it!!!!
It is covered with a very thin layer of marzipan,
as we can't stand the taste of it in our house and then rolled fondant over it,
decorated with hand cut,
embossed fondant baubles and dusted with lustres.
I piped royal icing dots around for the boarder and then sprinkled the cake with magic sparkles to give it that frosted look! Here's Wishing you all a "Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!"

21 Dec 2009

Star's Horse Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a young girl who is mad on horses, the horse was totally inspired by www.flickr.com/photos/31142739@N08/3118163406/ such beautiful work! The horseshoe part is also cake, which was an offcut and thought the candles could be inserted into this. I loved making this cake and the customer was over the moon with it! The board measures 16 x 20 inches

16 Dec 2009

Snowmen Cuppies For School

More snowmen cupcakes.
These are for Will's Classroom Christmas Party today,
I was up til 3 o'clock this morning making just 30 of them
.............sigh! the things we do for our little ones! :o)

5 Dec 2009

Beth's Black Castle Cake

A friend asked me to make a Castle Cake
for her niece,
she loves black, checks and her converse boots,
so this is what I did.
I absolutely LOVED making this cake.
The cake is victoria sponge with
buttercream and raspberry conserve covered with fondant,
everything is edible.
The board is covered in black & white fondant squares
to give a checkered design.

4 Dec 2009

Fun at One Birthday Cake

This cake was designed to match Suzy's invitations and decorations
"Fun At One"
with chubby bee's and butterflies.
All decorations are made of fondant.

30 Nov 2009


"Can he fix it........yes he can!"
Shortbread cookies, covered in fondant decorated
to look like Bob the builder
for a little boy's 2nd Birthday.

19 Nov 2009

"Children In Need"....Cupcakes

All boxed and ready to go off to Will's school
Cake Stall tomorrow, along side the cakes from other parents!
all for The Fantastic Annual British Fundraiser...
"Children In Need"
There will be various Activites the Children & Teachers
will be doing, so a fun day ahead!

17 Nov 2009

Romance......Wedding Cupcakes

Romantic Wedding Cupcakes.
Decorated with a single rose, trailing ivy
and an ever so slightly dusting of
pale green Rainbow Dust.

14 Nov 2009

Pudsey Bear Cupcake

Pudsey Bear Cupcakes made as a practice run
for a batch of cupcakes I will be making for
next Friday's "Children in Need" day
at will's school.

13 Nov 2009

Simple Embossed Cupcake

Simple embossed vanilla cupcakes made for a friend.

12 Nov 2009

Snowman for Ethan

Whilst making cupcakes today
I thought I would make a snowman for
my friends little boy.
I think I will be making more of these cuties,
as the festive season is almost upon us!

1 Nov 2009

Halloween Cookies

Shortbread cookies covered in fondant,
decorated for Halloween parties.
The skulls were handpainted as were some of the
Love Halloween!

31 Oct 2009

Halloween Witches Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes made for a childrens Halloween party
my son was attending tonight (next door)
They had swirls of orange coloured, rosewater buttercream
and a black fondant witches hat
with a silver star on top as decoration.

17 Oct 2009

Ivory Cupcakes

I needed to make cupcakes as a "Thank you" to a dear neighbour
and some for dinner guests today,
so I came up with this design,
and very happy with the look & taste! :o)
A light sponge cupcake
with a generous topping of Rosewater Buttercream,
a circle of paisley embossed fondant,
and a simple handmade fondant flower.

10 Oct 2009

Daisy cupcakes

We have friends over for lunch tomorrow
so I just had to make cupcakes,
and thought that
I might as well use up the daisies I made for the last cake I did!

In The Night Garden Theme... Naming Ceremony Cake

I was asked to make a
Naming Ceremony Cake in the theme of
"In The Night Garden"
but without the characters, so this is my take on it!
A 2 tier cake, both chocolate with Rosewater buttercream,
covered in pale green (bottom tier)
and pale blue (top tier)
The bottom cake is decorated with Flower balls & Daisies,
Whilst the top is decorated with pink butterflies, blossoms, clouds and stars.
The topper is a hand cut moon and cloud(s) with the little girls name on
dusted with pearl and silver lustre dusts.
Top tier 9"
Bottom tier 11"

29 Sep 2009

Cherry Blossom

This is an 11" chocolate cake made as a taster for someone,
firstly... I know it's very large for a taster but I needed to try out the cake tin anyway
and combined the two,
secondly... it's a bit on the shallow side because I ran out of eggs
but that doesn't really matter.
The design has nothing to do with anything really,
it's just that I couldn't bare looking at an undecorated cake
and always wanted to try this out.

17 Sep 2009

RAMC Cupcakes

Hubby wanted to take some cupcakes into work for the guys,
as many of them are deploying to Afghanistan soon,
thats why some have desert camouflage fondant
and the others have cherry backing coloured fondant.
They are all topped with RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) fondant badges,
handmade by me using a mould I made.
Here is a link to show you how I made them

14 Sep 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary
and apparently it's year is wool or copper
so I thought I would colour the bows copper because of this!
Hubby should be happy as there are no flowers! lol!

10 Sep 2009

Coffee Time Cupcakes

I am having a friend around for coffee this morning
and it would be SO rude not to make cupcakes!
These are vanilla sponge cuppies with swirls of rosewater buttercream
and decorated with red fondant flowers.

24 Aug 2009

Wine Bottle Cake & Rose

I was asked to make Sharon a Birthday Cake by her husband as a surprise,
leaving the design up to me
and knowing that the Birthday girl loves wine I thought I would make her a wine bottle cake
(I have been dying to make one of these!!)
with a sugar rose to give it a more feminine look
and I am very pleased with the result..... as were they!
This is my first attempt making a wired rose,
I didn't have any instructions on how to make it,
so it was complete guess work......I know it's not perfect but I am still very happy with it all the same!
The cake (crate and bottle) is rich chocolate sponge
with rose water buttercream covered in fondant and painted,
the rose is fondant with wire stems laid on a piece of ruffled fondant covered in lustre.

20 Aug 2009

Dairy Milk Bar Cake

Now this is my kind of cake!!!!!
So.......we have a friend coming over today and I promised him I'd make a cake,
I hope he likes it!
Just loved making this...such fun!
This is a rich, moist chocolate sheet cake,
carved and filled/covered in buttercream,
the chocolate chunk end is covered in chocolate fondant (well obviously!)
and the other side covered in fondant.
The foil looking part was dusted with Rimini coloured lustre and silver lustre,
as for the label, the fondant is purple/blue with hand cut lettering (Dairy)
and the rest was painted on freehand....as you can tell LOL!!!
The few individual chunks are also cake covered in chocolate fondant.

3 Aug 2009

Dragonfly Cake

Finally finished.......
didn't even know how I was going to decorate this cake until yesterday (after a few doodles)
and then it was just a matter of going with the flow,
but still went with the style of Christi Friesen as on the dragonfly!
I was so annoyed with myself .....as I was half way round decorating the sides, I had realised that I forgot to cover the board...oh well, at least I didn't make this for anybody!!!...just ME!!! :o)
This is a rich chocolate cake with buttercream,
covered with a cream coloured fondant
and decorated in green and cream hand cut & shaped fondant,
later dusted the deco with lustres to match the dragonfly.
It measures 4 1/2 x 6 inches (H & W

30 Jul 2009

Jewelled Fondant Butterfly

Another Christi Friesen inspired edible creation www.cforiginals.com/
this time as a butterfly in pink & pearl dusts & lustres.
I think I shall try another butterfly shape and tweak it a little
when I get a spare evening........
but I do like the colours!!!

29 Jul 2009

Fondant Dragonfly

This Dragonfly I made out of fondant and I coloured it with green and pearl dusts and lustres.
I have made this to top a cake I will be making for myself, just for fun and ideas.
It measures 4 x 3 1/2 inches
The design is inspired from the fabulous artist Christi Friesen who works with Polymer clay & mixed media www.CForiginals.com

22 Jul 2009

Cheeky Children's Faces Cookies

It's Wills last day at school today
and these are some of the cookies I made for him to give all the children in his class
............sooo time consuming, but they look so cool.
Will insisted I made most of the boys with they're tongue sticking out!!
I got the idea for these from the Planet Cake book,
Naughty Kids Cupcakes......just put them on cookies.......obviously! LOL!!

Thank You Cupcakes

These were made as a "Thank You" gift from my son
to his teachers.
They are vanilla sponge cupcakes covered in rose water buttercream,
with a circle of embossed fondant with a light dusting of lustre
and decorated with handmade fondant daisies and butterflies.

10 Jul 2009

Lifeboat Birthday Cake

A teacher at Will's school asked me if I could make her a cake for her son's 21st Birthday, he is one of the Lifeboat Crew and loves his work! www.gafirs.org.uk/So this is what I came up with. She Loved it!!!The waves were a late addition as I wasn't happy with the look of the base of the boat so hunted around flickr for some inspiration..........that's when I stumbled on a fab Ski Boat Cake by "Springlakecake" and just love how she did her waves and thought they would be perfect, they were quick and very effective!Here is a link to her wonderful creation! www.flickr.com/photos/24367079@N04/2722531956/

9 Jul 2009


So today is my 40th Birthday!!!
and this is the gift my darling hubby gave to me..........I love it soooo much! mind you I did encourage him to buy the "brushed nickel" one lol! yes it's more expensive, but it is my birthday after all! Bring on the eggs, butter, flour, sugar.........................................................

8 Jul 2009


I made this for my son's (Will) Birthday,
he totally loved it as do I, my favourite cake so far!

5 Jul 2009

Sandcastle Cake for School Fayre

YAY!!!.....my first cake since I had the Op on my wrist......seems like it's been forever!
Anyhow, I have made this for Will's "School Fayre", I had intended to make a small one but I got a little carried away,
it's not huge but bigger than I thought it would be!
The fondant driftwood was soooo inspired by "Betty's Sugar Dreams" cake, obviously nowhere near as good as hers and here is a link to her masterpiece for those very few who haven't seen it www.flickr.com/photos/bettyssugardreams/3594239893/
Bottom tier (9") : Vanilla sponge with Elderflower buttercream.
Middle (6") : Rich Chocolate sponge with dark chocolate buttercream.
Top tier (4"): Vanilla Maderia Sponge with chocolate buttercream.
All covered in a sand coloured fondant
and decorated with fondant shells, starfish, pebbles, pearls, flowers and driftwood with the schools name pressed in,
the sand is soft brown sugar. I hope they like it!