3 Aug 2009

Dragonfly Cake

Finally finished.......
didn't even know how I was going to decorate this cake until yesterday (after a few doodles)
and then it was just a matter of going with the flow,
but still went with the style of Christi Friesen as on the dragonfly!
I was so annoyed with myself .....as I was half way round decorating the sides, I had realised that I forgot to cover the board...oh well, at least I didn't make this for anybody!!!...just ME!!! :o)
This is a rich chocolate cake with buttercream,
covered with a cream coloured fondant
and decorated in green and cream hand cut & shaped fondant,
later dusted the deco with lustres to match the dragonfly.
It measures 4 1/2 x 6 inches (H & W