24 Aug 2009

Wine Bottle Cake & Rose

I was asked to make Sharon a Birthday Cake by her husband as a surprise,
leaving the design up to me
and knowing that the Birthday girl loves wine I thought I would make her a wine bottle cake
(I have been dying to make one of these!!)
with a sugar rose to give it a more feminine look
and I am very pleased with the result..... as were they!
This is my first attempt making a wired rose,
I didn't have any instructions on how to make it,
so it was complete guess work......I know it's not perfect but I am still very happy with it all the same!
The cake (crate and bottle) is rich chocolate sponge
with rose water buttercream covered in fondant and painted,
the rose is fondant with wire stems laid on a piece of ruffled fondant covered in lustre.