28 Jan 2011

Before & After

I am always posting photos of my cupcakes
when they look all pretty & proud
sitting in their cases,
so I thought I would show you all a
couple of photos of when they are naked,
just out of the oven stage 
and then when they have been
frosted, covered and cut into!

A gorgeous chocolate cupcake 
topped in dark chocolate ganache
and covered with sugarpaste/fondant

16 Jan 2011


Little Miss Giggles.
A lovely young man drove down from London this morning to pick this cake up....... he ordered this for his friend's Birthday. Her Nickname is Giggles and thought this would make a lovely birthday cake for her........how nice is that!!!!
The cake is Vanilla sponge with buttercream and fondant covered.
Set on a 12" cake board.

15 Jan 2011

"White on White" Wedding Cupcakes

"White on White" Cupcake design!
This is one of the designs I made for potential clients today
(which are quite similar to the ones I made a few days ago)
I haven't posted the other designs as yet,
because they were close to what they liked for their design and colour
so I will post those photos at a later date.

Flower & Swirl Cupcakes

Some of my "high-dome" cupcakes I made for Wednesday
when we went to visit friends!
These would look stunning on a cupcake tower
at any wedding....in any colour combination!
These beauties are a Vanilla Sponge,
topped with a very generous portion of creamy buttercream,
covered with a circle of sugarpaste.
Each one is decorated with a flowerpaste fantasy flower,
and sugarpaste swirls and pearls.

5 Jan 2011


"Happy New Year Everyone!"

Thought I would let you know
 that although I have no new uploads as yet,
 I am currently working on
some new designs for
"2011 Wedding Cakes"
Some elegantly simple and some with more colour than my usual,
as bright colours seem to be a very popular choice,
such as:
Watermelon Pink
Blues, etc.....
So as soon as I am happy with the sketched designs
 and have brought them to life
I will upload photos for all to see!

Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas
and hope you enjoy my "Diary of Cakes" for 2011