25 Feb 2011


I did a wedding consultation/tasting yesterday
giving the couple 3 flower choices
and as they never chose this one I thought I would share it with you!
such a delicate looking flower!
The cupcake is my moist chocolate recipe
with swirls of chocolate ganache.
They insisted that the cupcakes were chocolate
they were very pleased at the tasting
and booked there and then!
Such a satisfying feeling to watch people really enjoying my cakes!
You will see which one's they decided to order
later in the year after their wedding day!
Thank's for stopping by!

24 Feb 2011

Embossed Green & Blue's

Some of the cupcake's for today's order.

Not such great photo's as I had to photograph them at 7 this morning
 before they got picked up 
and the lighting was very dull.

Vanilla with Rose Water Buttercream & Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes.


19 Feb 2011


Thursday morning I had a phonecall from a lovely gentleman 
wanting a cake for the next morning 
and I said I needed more time (after all I wasn't feeling too hot after the dentist's treatment!) 
so we agreed on the afternoon instead! 
All I was told is that she liked purple and to do what I could in the time.
He really liked it when he picked it up
....and admitted to me that he was given the task of arranging the cake and he foregot all about it! LOL!
funny that that's the second man this month that's done that! LOL!...men!!!


This is a 10" 3 layer sponge, sandwiched with buttercream and jam 
 decorated with a vintage feel.



17 Feb 2011

Victoria Cross Cupcakes

The end of last year I received a phone call from Major Davis
placing an order for Victoria Cross cupcakes
for a function they had last night!
.....of course I jumped at the chance
as you know I love making military cakes and these are by far my favourite!!!!!
VERY pleased with how these turned out!
Major Davis rang me yesterday morning
when he got them and he was delighted with how they looked!!! http://www.smallthingsiced.co.uk/

13 Feb 2011


Wedding Cupcake Samples for todays consultation/tasting 
for an absolutely lovely couple
........really looking forward in getting all the detailing pieces 
so I can start designing!

Chocolate & vanilla cupcakes 
decorated with dogwoods with highlighted centres.


12 Feb 2011


My latest Wedding display cake.
 5", 7" & 9" tiers 
Top tier with simple pink piping to top edging
and piped pink pearls with two small flower as at the base.
Middle tier left plain with
a single sugar cameo brooch,
cameo head made from a mould and the frame is made
from small ball/pearl shaped sugar and a small moulding for the top part.
Bottom tier has moulded border highlighted
with pearl lustre and the addition of small piped detailing.


5 Feb 2011


Masquerade Cupcake Tower & Top Cutting Cake

This is the Ganache covered cake I showed the other day, 
although I did state that it was a 6" cake but infact by accident I made a 7" instead!
oh well, I guess they aren't going to complain about the extra cake lol!

The Mask Topper is handmade out of flowerpaste with a sugar flower and Hot pink & turquoise feathers.

Colour theme: Hot Pink, Turquoise, Gold & White.

Cupcakes are Zesty Lemon, Chocolate & Vanilla decorated in hand painted Gold or Pink sugar Masks.


Ganache Covered Cake

As I have showed you some photo's of cupcakes
before I iced and decorated them,
I thought I would upload a cake which has been
covered with ganache.....
ready to be covered with sugarpaste/fondant.
I used to smooth the sides with a long spatular
which the results were good, but for me was a long process.
So I bought a side scraper, (which cost just a few pounds)
and at 5" long, it's just big enough for deep cakes too, as this cake is 5" deep.
It gives nearly perfect results and in very little time!
............wish I bought one ages ago! lol!
This particular cake is an order made for a
Birthday Celebration....... along with 50 cupcakes,
I shall post photo's later tonight of the decorated cakes,
I have done a version of this design before.....and it's one of my faves!
Thanks for looking!