27 Feb 2012

Dolly's 100th Birthday Cake

What an honour it was to be asked to make a local Lady
her Birthday cake for her
100th Birthday!

The Grand-daughter wanted something quite simple
but special and the most important thing
was for it to be a chocolate cake!
......she LOVES chocolate! lol!

The Grand-daughter loved it when she came to collect it
and I hope Dolly enjoyed it too!
Unfortunately, Dolly wouldn't be able to see it
as she has lost her sight,
so the taste will be the most important part!!!!

More Miliary Cupcakes

I have made quite a few Military cupcakes lately,
but because I have done the same ones
time and time again,
I didn't want to bore you with the 
same kind of photos!
But I haven't made the ones pictured above
so thought I would share these!

They were made for a tabletop meeting they were having
and they look and taste so much better than the usual biscuits
to accompany their tea & coffee!

I ran out of edible silver paint
but luckily I had some edible silver leaf,
so I used that instead and love it!!!!

12 Feb 2012

A lovely couple ordered this Birthday cake 
for their daughter 
as a gift from their grand-daughters to present to their mummy. 

They thought it would be lovely to have Willow & Blossom on the cake
 as this is the birthday girls, daughters names!
also, she has a shop of which she makes & sells (mainly) silver jewellery
....hence the silver butterfly!

They Loved it when they came to collect the cake
and said there will most probably be tears when she
is presented it from her daughters who are 5 & 2 years old.

This is the view of the Weeping Willow from the back!

I very much like the personal feel to this cake!



Absolutely LOVE these!

If the blue were slightly lighter & brighter these could look 
just like Wedgewood pieces!

These are Vanilla Cupcakes decorated with sugar blossoms,
piping and brush embroidery leaves.
Such an effective design for any Wedding or special occasion!


Various Cakes

Well, I have added quite a few different photos above
as I am in a little rush to get these posted and up to date!

There are some wedding cupcake samples and some display cakes,
just to let my Wedding Clients taste and see what's available!

I have made quite a few cupcake samples,
but I can't post them on here
until after their Wedding, 
because they are the designs they have chosen
and it would ruin the surprise!
But they are very beautiful and can't wait to share them with you!


Christmas Cookies

These cookies were made with a Nordic Christmas in mind,
fr my son's Teachers and our very lovely
lollipop man who makes sure my son crosses the road safely to & from school each day!

Really wish I had time to make more of these
for family & friends,
but it's that time of year you never get as much done as you would like!

Anyway......hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas!


Winter Scene Cookies & White Christmas Cupcakes

Remember the beautiful 
"Vintage Pearl & Ribbon Loops Wedding Cake"
 I made a while ago?
Well, the couple got back in touch to make a Christmas order
of cupcakes and cookies.
I wanted to make then really special,
 so the cookies were made like baubles and also
Beautiful Christmas Card Scenes! 
Really very pleased with the how the scenes looked!
very effective I think you'll agree!!!

As for the cupcakes she wanted white on white,
and some with blossoms,
but just to add a Wintery/Christmassy feel to them I added
some little nonpareil (Tiny sugar balls)
for that snowy touch
.....and it really worked!


Singer Sewing Machine & matching Cupcakes

Yes, another Sewing Machine Cake,
my 3rd infact!
.....and dare I say my best yet!

I love making these!

and also 6 matching cupcakes!

Blue was used this time, because it's her favourite colour
for an added personal touch!

Can't wait to make another one of these!!!

First Holy Communion Cake

I was asked to make
a First Holy Communion Cake
for their two boys.
It needed to be a simple square cake, 
with chosen inscription and a cross.
Yes, quite simple.... but still very effective for their occasion!

Welcome Home Cake

This was ordered from a soldier for her Husband
who was returning back to the UK
from Cyprus!

Such a warm feeling to get your other half home where they belong,
I know!


Christmas Donation

This is actually a dummy (Display cake)
I made for Lloyds Tsb Bank in Bishop's Waltham.
The gorgeous little picturesque town hold
a Christmas Fayre every year
and Lloyd's TSB asked me if I would donate a cake
so they could sell tickets for it 
and the money that's made, went to
"Save The Children" Charity!
How could I say no!
So I made a dummy cake for them to display in the bank
and I would make a replica using rich fruit cake
to give to the winning ticket holder.

I didn't take a photo of the real cake,
as it was quite literally exact to the one above!

I was informed that a lovely, little old lady (and her husband)
won it and was over the moon!


Technics Turntable

So my son Turned 22 in November (yes, I am still on catch-up with my post here)
and I asked him what cake he would like,
seeing that he was coming down to visit us with his girlfriend!
and he asked for a Technics Turntable
.............sooo, that's what he got!
It was pretty simple to make, 
apart from the time it took to 
place each dot individually and then had to carefully paint them!
then about 2am (yes, still up making this)
I went to fix the arm to the turntable and it broke on 3 places!!
Not happy that I had to make it all over again and wait for it to dry
before I could try again!
.........at least I had 2-3 hours sleep! :o(
He loved it! thank goodness!
well, he wouldn't dare say he didn't! LOL!!!!

Star wars Cupcakes

After ordering the Beatles cupcakes,
Kimberley then asked me if I would make some
"Star Wars" cupcakes
for her son's Birthday.
All the toppers are edible,
hand cut and crafted without using any kind of mould!
So I am REALLY pleased with these!


6 Feb 2012

Snowboarding Birthday Cake

This was a surprise Birthday cake
for the customers girlfriend,
 she was off to Europe with her friends
for a snowboarding/Birthday weekend.

She even took the cake with her! :o)


Vintage Floral Pearl Wedding Cake

You will probably recognise this display cake,
I felt it needed a facelift
so I added some ivory Hydrangea's to fill it out a little!


Floral Birthday Cupcake Tower

Remember the 90th Birthday cake I had previously posted,
well these cupcakes are for the 
same lady for her and some friends to 
celebrate her Birthday a few days later!

Cupcakes are Vanilla, Lemon & Carrot Cake
So pretty!

Phineas & Ferb Cake

Before I say anything about this cake
I would like to say that I cannot take credit for the design 
as it is a take on someone else's cake.
The Birthday boy saw this cake online and really wanted it,
but all I know is that the person who made this is in the USA (I believe)
so it wouldn't be possible for them to make it
and how could I say no to a little
4 year old boy who had his heart set on the cake of his dreams!

Everything here is edible..apart from the candle....even the Phineas & Ferb Characters are sugar!

90th Birthday Cake

A cake made for a ladies 90th Birthday,
she served as a Wren in WW2
and her daughter wanted the Wren Emblem to be
added somewhere in the design
and as she loves flowers they were to 
be included also!


Halloween Coffin Cake

LOVED making this Halloween cake!
this is the 3rd cake I have made for this couple,
I love all my orders, but it's such a warm feeling when the customers
come back for more! :o)
Everything is edible and the coffin cake is made out of
chocolate cake!

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher cake made for
a Farewell gift!
This cake was a little tongue in cheek for the recipient 
as he was very eager on Fire Drills at work
making sure everything ran smoothly and in order!

Cake was Vanilla sponge, carved and covered
and glazed then all details cut out
of fondant and also hand painted!
All edible


Wedding Fayre

I (Small Things Iced)  Exhibited at a Wedding Fayre last October
and this was my display table!

My lovely friend Anita came along to help and give me support 
as this was the first one I have done!
I was a little nervous but with the help from Anita
I felt at ease.
A pretty good day in all
and at least I will know what to expect from future Exhibitions!