29 Sep 2009

Cherry Blossom

This is an 11" chocolate cake made as a taster for someone,
firstly... I know it's very large for a taster but I needed to try out the cake tin anyway
and combined the two,
secondly... it's a bit on the shallow side because I ran out of eggs
but that doesn't really matter.
The design has nothing to do with anything really,
it's just that I couldn't bare looking at an undecorated cake
and always wanted to try this out.

17 Sep 2009

RAMC Cupcakes

Hubby wanted to take some cupcakes into work for the guys,
as many of them are deploying to Afghanistan soon,
thats why some have desert camouflage fondant
and the others have cherry backing coloured fondant.
They are all topped with RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) fondant badges,
handmade by me using a mould I made.
Here is a link to show you how I made them

14 Sep 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary
and apparently it's year is wool or copper
so I thought I would colour the bows copper because of this!
Hubby should be happy as there are no flowers! lol!

10 Sep 2009

Coffee Time Cupcakes

I am having a friend around for coffee this morning
and it would be SO rude not to make cupcakes!
These are vanilla sponge cuppies with swirls of rosewater buttercream
and decorated with red fondant flowers.