26 Mar 2011

Military Cupcakes for "25 Regt."

Another Military order for this week!
After making the Victoria Cross Cupcakes a while ago,
I was asked if I could make some cupcakes with the Regements logo ontop
for a function they will be having tonight!
So these little shield toppers were all handmade out of sugar,
using tiny templates cut by myself
the shields, oak leaves, 25,
and loads of tiny acorns
........they took, what feels like forever to make
but the results were worth it...I think!
The cupcakes were vanilla & chocolate flavours.

22 Mar 2011

AGC Badge Cupcakes

AGC Cupcakes

Adjutant General's Corps (Staff & Personnel Support)

These are some of the cupcakes for today's order

My other order of the week is Military also and I will post photo's of those late Saturday

15 Mar 2011

Chocolate Bar Cake

A last minute order.....
I was asked to recreate the chocolate bar cake I made a while back
for a big chocolate fan!
there isn't many girls I know that
doesn't drool at the sight of a nice bar of chocolate,
me included!
 infact, whilst making this last night
I had to eat some dairy milk
......you know for research purposes LOL!!!

Well I know I don't have to mention what flavour cake this is!
as you know anything other than chocolate would just be wrong!

Thanks for looking!

13 Mar 2011

"Toni" Wedding Cake

This Wedding cake got picked up for collection
and taken all the way to Scotland
......a good 8 hour's drive.
I was to include Calla Lilies, Roses and Thistles,
the bride to be and her mother loved my Poppy Wedding Cake
I made a while back,
 so I was to incorporate some of those details.
The Middle tier was inspired from one of
Lindy Smith's cakes from the book
"To Inspire and Desire"

Top & bottom Tier was chocolate cake and the middle was vanilla.

Let's hope they all enjoyed it
As Maria, Toni's Mum Loved it when she came to collect it.

10 Mar 2011

"Something New, Old & Rejected!"

Something new.....camera
something old....display cake
& something rejected.....sugar rose!

I have been dropping ridiculously large hints to my husband
about getting a new camera for my Birthday,
of which I might add is in July!
I told him I REALLY needed it before as I am trying to
get a portfolio together for my clients to view.
My old camera.......well camera phone was dying
and the quality wasn't good enough for the making of
a book/portfolio!
So my lovely hubby surprised me with one.
I am such a happy bunny
and feel slightly like a spoilt child!
I won't be asking for anything else for quite some time!
...........although I have a lens on my wish list
and I think I will be buying that one myself! LOL!!!!

I hope I don't bore you all too much with
lots of new photos!
I still  need to learn about all the settings
 as the centre of the rose isn't quite there
but extremely happy with the improved results!

2 Mar 2011

Quick Medic Cupcakes

Some quick cupcakes made for my husband
to take into work
to share with the guy's.
I was going to make some with other
medical equipment on but just didn't have the time
so Swirls, red crosses and plasters had to do!
He was very happy with them
....and to be honest, I don't think he'd dare to complain! LOL!!!!

Rose Swirl Cupcakes

Some very last minuter simple cupcakes
I made yesterday morning.
Rich Chocolate cupcakes and
whipped ganache rose swirls
decorated with a single small blossom