31 Dec 2009

"Happy New Year!" Black & Silver Cupcakes

"Happy New Year" to all my Blogger friends and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by & leave a comment! :o)
These little gems are for a New Years Party we will be attending tonight,
They are vanilla cupcakes with the usual rosewater buttercream,
half were topped with a circle of embossed fondant
and then painted with edible silver paint....
very time consuming
so with the other half of cupcakes
I decided on something a little quicker,
I have always LOVED Kylie's (Le Cupcake) cupcakes
so she was the inspiration on the black with silver balls....
not as elegant as hers always are, but I still love them.
Here is a link to her Gorgeous creations www.flickr.com/photos/lecupcake/1814093028/in/set-7215760...aren 't they just stunning!!!!!!
.......... All in all very pleased with these.

24 Dec 2009

Bauble Christmas Cake

This is our Rich Boozy Christmas Cake,
I have fed this cake with so much Brandy this year I can't wait to cut into it!!!!
It is covered with a very thin layer of marzipan,
as we can't stand the taste of it in our house and then rolled fondant over it,
decorated with hand cut,
embossed fondant baubles and dusted with lustres.
I piped royal icing dots around for the boarder and then sprinkled the cake with magic sparkles to give it that frosted look! Here's Wishing you all a "Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!"

21 Dec 2009

Star's Horse Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a young girl who is mad on horses, the horse was totally inspired by www.flickr.com/photos/31142739@N08/3118163406/ such beautiful work! The horseshoe part is also cake, which was an offcut and thought the candles could be inserted into this. I loved making this cake and the customer was over the moon with it! The board measures 16 x 20 inches

16 Dec 2009

Snowmen Cuppies For School

More snowmen cupcakes.
These are for Will's Classroom Christmas Party today,
I was up til 3 o'clock this morning making just 30 of them
.............sigh! the things we do for our little ones! :o)

5 Dec 2009

Beth's Black Castle Cake

A friend asked me to make a Castle Cake
for her niece,
she loves black, checks and her converse boots,
so this is what I did.
I absolutely LOVED making this cake.
The cake is victoria sponge with
buttercream and raspberry conserve covered with fondant,
everything is edible.
The board is covered in black & white fondant squares
to give a checkered design.

4 Dec 2009

Fun at One Birthday Cake

This cake was designed to match Suzy's invitations and decorations
"Fun At One"
with chubby bee's and butterflies.
All decorations are made of fondant.