20 Apr 2011

Hydrangea Cupcakes

Some quick cupcakes just to show off
my beautiful new Hydrangea cutters!
I ordered these the end of last week from Italy,
 from a very talented friend of mine Toni (Le Torte di Toni)
and they arrived today,
pretty good delivery time too hey!
Toni is an amazing young lady,
she won a TV Cookery competition
(which was quite a tough, long and what I would believe
an emotional experience!)
 This show was Italy's equivalent to Masterchef!
Please note that she has only lived in Italy for about 10 years
as she is originallyy from Australia
So she must be darn good!!!
Toni won her own TV series (along with her beautiful daughter)
making and decorating cakes!
Just how amazing is that!!!
Well, I just had to get the flowerpaste out and try them out!
I am sure you will agree they are beautiful flowers!!!