14 Aug 2010

Giant Cupcake Cake

Giant Cupcake Cake for Charlotte's 18th.

An order I received through my Facebook page from someone who is actually local! lol!

The theme was 60's, 70's & 80's and had to be bright coloured, so between discussions we came up with this and when the mother came to collect it, she loved it!

I have got to say this turned out a bit of a pain in the end as last night just after midnight I noticed the cake was starting to fall backwards and slightly crack........(it was so muggy last night so I am blaming the weather, as I took my time over this cake and did it by the book!) I started to panic, so I put two very small cake boards at the back, underneath to wedge it slightly, so then had to build the case part at the bottom back up......thank god I made the case in black fondant as it isn't so noticable. Got up this morning and it was still standing... phewwwww! I told the customer and she was great about it, and I rang her when she got home to see if it travelled OK ... which it did! so I can now relax!

The cake is Chocolate & buttercream.. "supported!!" and covered with sugarpaste.

Cake is 7" at widest and stands about 9" tall on a 10" board.