31 Dec 2009

"Happy New Year!" Black & Silver Cupcakes

"Happy New Year" to all my Blogger friends and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by & leave a comment! :o)
These little gems are for a New Years Party we will be attending tonight,
They are vanilla cupcakes with the usual rosewater buttercream,
half were topped with a circle of embossed fondant
and then painted with edible silver paint....
very time consuming
so with the other half of cupcakes
I decided on something a little quicker,
I have always LOVED Kylie's (Le Cupcake) cupcakes
so she was the inspiration on the black with silver balls....
not as elegant as hers always are, but I still love them.
Here is a link to her Gorgeous creations www.flickr.com/photos/lecupcake/1814093028/in/set-7215760...aren 't they just stunning!!!!!!
.......... All in all very pleased with these.