30 Nov 2009


"Can he fix it........yes he can!"
Shortbread cookies, covered in fondant decorated
to look like Bob the builder
for a little boy's 2nd Birthday.

19 Nov 2009

"Children In Need"....Cupcakes

All boxed and ready to go off to Will's school
Cake Stall tomorrow, along side the cakes from other parents!
all for The Fantastic Annual British Fundraiser...
"Children In Need"
There will be various Activites the Children & Teachers
will be doing, so a fun day ahead!

17 Nov 2009

Romance......Wedding Cupcakes

Romantic Wedding Cupcakes.
Decorated with a single rose, trailing ivy
and an ever so slightly dusting of
pale green Rainbow Dust.

14 Nov 2009

Pudsey Bear Cupcake

Pudsey Bear Cupcakes made as a practice run
for a batch of cupcakes I will be making for
next Friday's "Children in Need" day
at will's school.

13 Nov 2009

Simple Embossed Cupcake

Simple embossed vanilla cupcakes made for a friend.

12 Nov 2009

Snowman for Ethan

Whilst making cupcakes today
I thought I would make a snowman for
my friends little boy.
I think I will be making more of these cuties,
as the festive season is almost upon us!

1 Nov 2009

Halloween Cookies

Shortbread cookies covered in fondant,
decorated for Halloween parties.
The skulls were handpainted as were some of the
Love Halloween!