26 May 2010

Dogwood Wedding Cupcakes & Cutting Cake

Dogwood Wedding Cupcakes
in White & Hint of Apple Green colours
topped with a single Dogwood Bloom
and a 5" Cutting Cake with Dogwood blooms trailing up the side and ontop.
The cake is Light Vanilla Sponge with Buttercream and is 4.5" tall.
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20 May 2010

Applique Dog Rose Wedding Cake

I say cake, but this is a dummy cake....my first actually.
 I did think it would be easier to work with,
but it is so light and a little awkward, how you girls do them so well is beyond me!

I have had this image in my head for ages now
and though I had better get and put it to cake (as such) before it goes!
............I am pretty pleased with how it looks, even though my piping needs more practice!

Now to work on the other!!!

Bottom Tier: 7"

Top Tier 5"

Covered in plain white and the piping work painted with pearl to highlight.

14 May 2010

Camouflage Boobs Cake

This turned out a little more "Perky" than I intended,
but the customer was very happy with it,
I told her to think of it as getting extra cake!! lol!
I have noticed that my photostream is starting to look like my "old" photostream,
with Wall-E and now this......but I am not complaining!
Vanilla Sponge Cake with buttercream sandwiched and covered,
then covered in skintone fondant & Camouflage fondant.
Placed on a 16 inch x 14 inch cake board

8 May 2010

Christening Cupcakes

Pale Pink Christening Cupcakes.
Just a few of the Vanilla & Rosewater Buttercream Cupcakes
with embossed or plain fondant
& decorated with a single bloom.
One cupcakes holds the little girl's name (Abigail)
on with two small blooms.
These smell devine!!!


I was asked to make WALL-E again,
I really think it is more difficult the second time around!
still enjoyed it all the same and so worth it when you see
the faces of the customers! :o)

This is a Chocolate, Vanilla layer cake
with buttercream...yum!
The wheels and Eyes are made from polystyrene
and covered in fondant.
Everything on this was handcut.....that's why I never went to bed last night
just worked all through the night.......soooo tired but glad I did!

5 May 2010

Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

After doing the Wedding Cupcakes this last weekend,
the Florist asked if she could order a Cupcake Gift Box
for her Wedding Anniversary in any design I wanted,
so I thought of these heart ones
(like I did quite a bit back, but with silver trim)
and when she came to collect them...........she loved them!
Really do love this design and think this will have to be my Valentine's line for next year!www.smallthingsiced.co.uk

2 May 2010

Teal & White Wedding Cupcakes & Cookies

This was my first Wedding order.....well, it was for the "Sweets Table"
at the Evening Reception, but still a Wedding order all the same!
and so nice to be broken into this field gently.

The Bride to be came along with her parents (who were all very lovely) to see samples
of what I could do for her and to my surprise she wanted
all the designs and for two weeks later.....I was very excited!!!!!

Absolutely love the colours Teal & White,
Just wish I was able to get some photo's of them all set up together!
But I am very happy with how they all turned out....hope
everyone liked them as much as I did!

So Gemma if you read this,
"Thank you!" so much for the order,
I am honoured you chose me to make your Cupcakes and Cookies
for the evening reception.

 All the best to you & your husband!