31 Jul 2008

Combat Boobs Cake

A cake I made for a friend who is leaving the army. Apparently I said that I would make him one of these, but I don't even remember the conversation???........mind you I had, had quite a bit to drink at the time Hahahaha!!!!!!.....works do's, you know what there like!
Anyway, I am pleased with the outcome of this cake, and hopefully he will like it too!


audrey said...

Hi....I, myself, really enjoy baking and decorating cakes. I am a correctional officer and would love to start up my own small cake business. My father is battling malignant brain cancer and so I have been busy taking care of him. So between working and that I don't get much time to do what I love doing, which is cakes. Well, anyway, enough about me..a close friend of mine's husband is turning 40 on Sept. 6th and asked me tomake him a risque cake for a surprise birthday party. I went on line and saw this cake and was wondering if you could e-mail me the instructions for it. I think he would love it and if you have an idea on how to do one showing a rear-end version, with a thong to match the camo shirt, that would be great, too. Have not had any experience with fondant so I am not real sure on the how-to part. Could you help a fellow cake baking friend in need, please? My e-mail addy is: agray761@yahoo.com
Thank you in advance!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky, You are truly talented!
I am so inspired, your work is amazing.
I have a friend turning 40 and would love to make a cake similar to the army boobs. He would love it.
So I have a few questions, firstly how did you make the camo blouse? It looks great. How did you get such great looking skin colour and lastly, How did you sculpt the cake?
Any tips would be great.
thanks for the help

Anonymous said...

that is amazing. have you thought of making one and shipping it to someone if they wanted to order one. my husband is military and his bday is coming up feb. 22. i would pay for that. you can email me at mandypalm28@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful looking cake. I am in awe, how were you able to make the camouflage fondant. I am looking for ideas as I am making a cake for a friend's 5 year old little girl who wants camouflage and I am not sure how to get the effect. Any suggestions you have I would appreciate it! my email address is lmzsalas@yahoo.com