4 Oct 2008

Inspiration in Ruby & Cream

I named this cupcake Inspiration because I was inspired
by a good friend, Bev (SugarBloom Cupcakes)
if you haven't seen her work I advise you to go and check her Blog
you will find her link in My Favourites.
I took the design from my last cupcake (the green & purple one)
as I loved the embossing so much I copied it
and put it on this cupcake.


Sandy said...

I followed your flickr to your blog and am wondering did you go to school to learn to decorate cakes/pastry's like this? You do a fab. job on everything I've seen. I hope you're in business doing this and if not you should be. I'm from Louisiana and I've never seen anything this lifelike. Just wanted to offer kudos to you.

SoapyChica said...

Oh this embossing is wonderful, yes I think you would do so well in business too!