7 Oct 2008

Whimsical Midnight Bloom

OK! last night I was thinking about Halloween, and wanted to do some cupcakes but without the usual pumpkins, bats, etc....... and wanted it to have a feminine floral touch, so I came up with this, not spooky or anything but I do like the whimsical look and I love the colours. but I will be using different cases, if I could find a matt silver that would be perfect, so if anyone finds some PLEASE!! let me know!
This is just a regular Vanilla, muffin sized cupcake with buttercream and a blanket of fondant dusted with Silver & Rimini Blue lustre, decorated in the usual blossom and Whimsical leaves and balls, all covered in the lustre.


Sweet Designs said...

Oh, my, all your cupcakes are beautiful, I really miss making mine, I had to go thru Chemo for a while this yr, and cooking and making food was no fun. So I am enjoying your cuppies from afar.

SoapyChica said...

This is fabulous-what a talent you have!