18 Dec 2008

Frosted SnowFlakes

Snowflake cupcakes made for Will (my son) to take to school tomorrow for his teacher's. They are my usual Vanilla cupcakes with a generous helping
of mildly flavoured RoseWater buttercream with a splodge of cream added....yum!
covered in a blanket of fondant sprayed with blue lustre on the one side and pearl lustre sprayed over top
(not that the photo shows this very well)
these were then decorated with various sized snowflakes
and a single edible pearl.


Alex said...

Your cakes are so beautiful. I found your blog through "Cake Wrecks" but you were there as producing the best cakes. Can't really boast about being on "Cake Wrecks" though!

You really should turn this into a business, you are so original and witty.

I sell my cakes to Tea Rooms and I get a lot of private orders through this, I must say that my deco skills are nowhere near yours.

I will be visiting your blog often, maybe I can be as good as you one day!

Liz said...


I really thought you were american, I've not seen anything like your standard anywhere else.. and like all things that I love, I often can't have them... So I was suprised to see that you're in Norfolk (if only temporarily!).

I saw your photo on Cake Wrecks too, and totally agree with Alex, you could easily build an empire with this.

I turn 25 this summer, would it be possible for you to create me a birthday cake to celebrate? Please?


Christa said...

I have to say that your cupcakes are absolutely adorable. Wish I had the patience to make something like that.