26 Jan 2009

Be My Valentine

Large sized cupcake
covered with a red fondant circle dusted with lustre,
decorated with a single large heart dusted with Red & Purple lustre dusts.


Vashti said...

lovely as always!

VelezDelights said...

These look gorgeous!!

Molly Helpychalk said...

Nicky, could you tell me what kind of luster dust you use? I have just been starting out trying to make things, and my first attempt to use luster dust was a fiasco. The first kind I ordered was not FDA approved (which seems less than ideal). The second kind I ended up using was made by wilton, I think. I was following the instructions in one of Elisa Strauss's books (add a few drops of lemon extract and then paint on with a paintbrush, basically). It turned out really clumpy and uneven. Do you have any advice? Thanks!!

nickyjb said...

Thank you all!!

Molly, The edable lustre dusts I use are ones made by:
Squires Kitchen
Edable Art
I purchase these from a great website www.design-a-cake.co.uk
It's best just to keep practising on a scrap piece of fondant to get the feel for it, but make sure your small, soft brush is totally dry and use lightly, you can build up the colour with another application or two!!! if you want to cover larger areas or coat smaller pieces you can always use PME Lustre Sprays, the pearl one can be used over any coloured fondant to give it that gorgeous sheen, and a perfect finish everytime!!!
Hope this helps!

Molly Helpychalk said...

Thanks! I will check those out.