8 Jan 2009

Love....The Sweetest Kind!

The title corny I know!!
An embossed blanket of fondant is placed on a buttercream
topped cupcake and dusted with Mother of pearl lustre.
Decorated with two fondant hearts and
lightly dusted again with the lustre.


Dee-Ann said...

This might seem like an odd question (or group of questions), but I often find myself wondering. Do you make fresh cupcakes for each of these? Do you make just one or two? Do you make batches and freeze them and defrost when you want to decorate? Do you make a dozen at a time and decorate them all?

Pondering how one perfects their craft in a food art like this without gaining 900lbs. :)

nickyjb said...

Hi Dee-Ann,
Haha! lets just say a few pounds have been gained here!!!

As for the cupcakes, I do make fresh everytime, even if I am just testing out designs, in which case just make a batch of 6-12 and then if you don't want to be tempted give them to friends as a gift, they will never get refused!!

Cake Fixation said...

These are such gorgeous cupcakes!! I love how the hearts are standing up.

nickyjb said...

Thank you Stephanie!

Dee-Ann said...

I guess even if you could manage to just make 1, that doesn't really help you if you want to do variants on a design!