3 Feb 2009

Little Gem

I love this Blingy little cupcake.
A regular size cupcake with a good dollop of buttercream
and a circle of claret coloured fondant
scored and partly filled with tiny silver dragees
and dusted with mother of pearl lustre,
giving it an almost purple effect!
A single blossom for the decoration with an overload of dragees for the centre!


Nada Handous said...

Maybe a silly question, but how to you get all the dragees to stick?? Do you use royal icing??

nickyjb said...

Hi Nada,
I used edable glue (sugar glue) it's clear so it's less noticable and gives a cleaner finish.

Kathy Dvorski Cakes said...

Your cupcakes are really well done. I like your work and I think you are very talented.