13 Feb 2009

Valentine Cupcakes

After dropping the fairytale cookies off at school yesterday, Will's teacher asked if I could do her some Valentine style cupcakes for a dinner party she is going to, obviously I said yes and I came up with this design. She was very pleased when she came to collect them........thank goodness!!!
Vanilla cupcakes with Rose water buttercream covered with a circle of embossed fondant and pearl lustre, topped with a single, handmade, fondant heart in red & gold.


Wenda said...

Simply Fab, soooo elegant. How do you get the hearts to stay up and what embosser do you use? You really have a super eye for detail.

Sweet Things said...

These are so elegant and gorgeous!

nickyjb said...

Wenda, I usually use an edible glue but as this was a super quick order so I used royal icing to stick the hearts on and this seems to work better. As for the embossed fondant I used a wilton impression mat, quite pricey but it is very large and very good! Thank you!

Thanks Sweet Things, glad you like them!