5 Jul 2009

Sandcastle Cake for School Fayre

YAY!!!.....my first cake since I had the Op on my wrist......seems like it's been forever!
Anyhow, I have made this for Will's "School Fayre", I had intended to make a small one but I got a little carried away,
it's not huge but bigger than I thought it would be!
The fondant driftwood was soooo inspired by "Betty's Sugar Dreams" cake, obviously nowhere near as good as hers and here is a link to her masterpiece for those very few who haven't seen it www.flickr.com/photos/bettyssugardreams/3594239893/
Bottom tier (9") : Vanilla sponge with Elderflower buttercream.
Middle (6") : Rich Chocolate sponge with dark chocolate buttercream.
Top tier (4"): Vanilla Maderia Sponge with chocolate buttercream.
All covered in a sand coloured fondant
and decorated with fondant shells, starfish, pebbles, pearls, flowers and driftwood with the schools name pressed in,
the sand is soft brown sugar. I hope they like it!


Anonymous said...

I won it!!!!

i am soooooo happy thank u soooo much!!!

i really dont want to cut it but my 5 children and i will enjoy when i become brave enough...thanks again


Anonymous said...

Would you like to hold a stall at our funday selling/promoting your own cakeys!?

nickyjb said...

Thank you for letting me know you won it, I couldn't stay til the end to find that out! so please cut the cake and enjoy it and if you see me at the school say hi!
I put a card with the cake stating that the bottom & middle cakes have plastic cake dowells through them to support the above cakes....just a reminder! :o)
Nicky x

Ooh a stall!..........could you give me more details (where, when etc....)
Thank you!

LadybugLuggage said...

Great to have you back, fabulous job!!!

Beverly Anne said...

So glad you are back!!!! I've so missed your posts. What a beautiful job you did on this cake; you haven't lost your touch.

Would you please share where you got the impression mat/roller you used in your cupcake pic at the very top of your blog? I have done many searches and can't seem to find anything remotely like it. Thanks


nickyjb said...

Thank you both so much!
Bev...the impression mat I used was in a pack of about 6 I think from http://www.design-a-cake.co.uk/
type in design a cake texture mats and it is Nature 2 pack

James ~n~ Amber said...

This is just so great !!! I'm glad you're back in action !

Leisl said...

Amazing! And after a wrist operation too O_O

Simply Cakes said...

Wow welcome back! What a return piece. I love it.

CupCake said...

So glad to see you're back, you do such beautiful work.

nickyjb said...

oh thank you so much!!!

choyu Brandon said...

Ah-maze-ing! Great work and the sign puts it over the top!