20 Aug 2009

Dairy Milk Bar Cake

Now this is my kind of cake!!!!!
So.......we have a friend coming over today and I promised him I'd make a cake,
I hope he likes it!
Just loved making this...such fun!
This is a rich, moist chocolate sheet cake,
carved and filled/covered in buttercream,
the chocolate chunk end is covered in chocolate fondant (well obviously!)
and the other side covered in fondant.
The foil looking part was dusted with Rimini coloured lustre and silver lustre,
as for the label, the fondant is purple/blue with hand cut lettering (Dairy)
and the rest was painted on freehand....as you can tell LOL!!!
The few individual chunks are also cake covered in chocolate fondant.


James ~n~ Amber said...

Flawless !

AnnaBeL said...

Love you blog! Did you dye the fondant yourself or was it purchased?

Simply Cakes said...

Fab..what a fun cake. As they too good to eat. A work of art. How long did it take you? I am making a saphire anniversary cake for a friend and was hoping you might let me borrow your design of your dragonfly cake as ispiration it is so different.

nickyjb said...

Amber...Thank you!

Annabel... Thanks, I used ready coloured purple fondant and then added blue & violet colouring to get a better colour!

Somply Cakes....Thank you, It was a simple cake and only took half a day decorating it. And as for borrowing the design of my dragonfly cake that will be fine...thank you for asking me first! can't wait to see it! :o)

Leisl said...

Haha this one looks fun, love it!

yuha said...

This cake looks so cool. It will be a hit with choc lovers! Well done, Nicky!

SugarBloom Cupcakes said...

Yuuummmm,a dream come true!