10 Sep 2009

Coffee Time Cupcakes

I am having a friend around for coffee this morning
and it would be SO rude not to make cupcakes!
These are vanilla sponge cuppies with swirls of rosewater buttercream
and decorated with red fondant flowers.


BAKING is my ZeN...sweet nibbles for the soul said...

What a nice friend you are to do this for her! Beautiful photo!

Marianne said...

Cute cupcakes and gorgeous cupcake stand.

smudge said...

I'm the said friend and i can tell you know that the cupcakes tasted as lovely as they look!!! thanks Nicky had a lovely morning x

Cake Fixation said...

Gorgeous display of cupcakes!

nickyjb said...

Thank you all!!

And Smudge... :o) ... so glad you enjoyed them, expect more! lol!