17 Sep 2009

RAMC Cupcakes

Hubby wanted to take some cupcakes into work for the guys,
as many of them are deploying to Afghanistan soon,
thats why some have desert camouflage fondant
and the others have cherry backing coloured fondant.
They are all topped with RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) fondant badges,
handmade by me using a mould I made.
Here is a link to show you how I made them


Anonymous said...

ooh, where did you get the stuff to make the moulds?

LadybugLuggage said...

Beautiful gesture, will pray for their safe return.

SarinaBells said...

Hello - they look fab. Where did you get the food grade moulding material from please, as I've tried out a few types myself and some don't give very good results. Unlike yours! x

Leisl said...

Very cool. Thanks for posting how you made them on flickr, very helpful!

SarinaBells said...

Oh, just saw how you made them on flickr - marvellous, thank you!

Kathy Dvorski Cakes said...

Very nice.

nickyjb said...

Thank you all!