17 Oct 2009

Ivory Cupcakes

I needed to make cupcakes as a "Thank you" to a dear neighbour
and some for dinner guests today,
so I came up with this design,
and very happy with the look & taste! :o)
A light sponge cupcake
with a generous topping of Rosewater Buttercream,
a circle of paisley embossed fondant,
and a simple handmade fondant flower.


LadybugLuggage said...

Nicky your idea of simple is always a stunning creation, thanks for sharing ;)

nickyjb said...

Thank you! :o)

Jenniffer said...

So elegant! I love them!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful, It was like love at first site lol, where did you get the paisley impression mat? I would love these for my sisters wedding, but sadly I'm no good at baking!

my email: hanapauls@yahoo.co.uk